NRSC needles Shaheen on student loans

The National Republican Senatorial Committee today went after New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen on student loan interest rates, set to double in under two weeks barring legislative action.

Citing a report from Roll Call that New York Senator, and fellow Democrat, Chuck Schumer had dubbed letting the rates double a “messaging winner for Democrats,” a scathing press release said she’d “rather toe the party line than rally behind a solution to help New Hampshire college students.”

Shaheen recently voted against a Republican-led plan to fix current loan rates in place, preventing the doubling.

“Students are already struggling to pay the bills and face a tough job market, yet Jeanne Shaheen voted against a permanent solution that would have prevented their loan rates from doubling,” said NRSC press secretary Brooke Hougesen in the release. “Preventing student loan rates from crushing struggling students should be an area of bipartisan agreement in Washington, but Jeanne Shaheen would rather politicize the issue than help working families and students get ahead. New Hampshire needs a serious Senator who works across the partisan divide to fix problems, not someone who instead takes pleasure in inflaming the division.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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