NRCC launches radio ad ripping Shea-Porter

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is wading into New Hampshire’s 1st district, launching a radio ad Wednesday highlighting the Democrat’s recent votes regarding Obamacare.

“How out-of-touch is Carol Shea-Porter with New Hampshire families? So out-of-touch that she voted to shut down the government in order to protect Congress’ taxpayer funded healthcare!,” reads the ad’s script. “While Washington forces ObamaCare on New Hampshire families, Shea-Porter votes to give herself a break. Instead of living by the same rules as everyone else, members of Congress receive special subsidies to pay for their healthcare.”

An accompanying press release further blasted Shea-Porter, deriding her as out of touch with New Hampshire voters facing the launch of Obamacare’s much-maligned insurance exchanges.

“Carol Shea-Porter is so out-of-touch with New Hampshire families she voted to shut down the government in order to protect her taxpayer-funded benefits,” stated spox Andrea Bozek. ““While New Hampshire families are struggling to afford quality healthcare, Shea-Porter is making sure taxpayers are funding her Cadillac coverage.”

The scope of the buy was not detailed in the press release.

Author: Staff Reporter

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