NRCC hammers Kuster on tax dodging

The National Republican Congressional Committee has waste no time pouring on Rep. Annie Kuster and her considerable tax issues (or lack thereof), using Monday morning to release a 30-second web ad taunting the lobbyist to congresswoman.

Turning her own words against her, the ad replays a shot of a campaign TV spot in which Kuster decried Congress for “living by their own set of rules,” with a narrator following that up by saying “after just one month, she fits right in.”

Last week, the news finally broke that Kuster owes almost $11,000 in late fees for property taxes. The revelation has sparked a barrage of criticism and drawn early speculation on potential 2014 opponents.

“It is just the first hint of what might be to come for Kuster, a freshman in a district that has a recent history of swinging back and forth between Republican and Democratic representatives,” reads WMUR’s report of the NRCC ad’s release.

The web ad can be viewed below:

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • Mike Rogers

    A day (6 days) date and a search or two short – you have could read about this first on, but Shawn didn’t look, so he he wrote a snide email to Skip Murphy, wondering why we were covering local topics such as Snowmageddon today, while the ‘professionals’ like him were writing about Kuster, even implying that he might have been our only reader today. Heh! I’ll repeat my comment that I wrote under under Skip’s riposte:

    What happens if a blog post falls in the forest and nobody reads it?
    ………Oh, wait – 25 comments on Steve’s GraniteGrok article about Kuster’s taxes, but of course NHJ didn’t notice, because they don’t do re-search, hell, they don’t even do google-search!

    So, Shawn, might we recommend a subscription to the Daily Grok? You just might learn something.

    No sense of shame, no self-awareness, no reflection? Could we have a psychopath or a daemon on staff at NHJ?