NRA hammers Bloomberg group with latest video

The pushback against New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns Group is still well underway, with the National Rifle Association unleashing a devastating web video against the anti-gun group.

“What has New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg done this week?” asks a text scroll kicking off the new video. “His group honored the Boston bomber.”

The reference is to the revelation that Mayors Against Illegal Guns included Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev in readings of a list citing so-called “gun violence victims.”

News that the group had honored a terrorist made national headlines, forcing an apology within hours. The flurry of criticism wasn’t deterred though, with dozens of outlets blasting the critical error.

“Your credibility is gone,” said one news anchor quoted in the NRA video.

It didn’t stop there, though. Subsequent stories broke showing that the list also included alleged criminals and killers gunned down in shootouts with law enforcement, sparking additional furor directed at the group.

Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau denounced the group’s tactics and has since abandoned ship, and an open letter to Bloomberg was released yesterday, calling MAIG’s citing of criminals as victims “deeply shameful.”

As for the NRA’s video, it further blasts the embattled mayor and his group with clips from news coverage of Tsarneav’s inclusion in a list of “victims,” culminating with the statement “Radically Wrong. Again.”

The full video can be viewed below:

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • Anonymous

    Change their name to Mayors Against All Guns.

    Otherwise it is false advertising.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong. It should be renamed:
      Mayors against any CIVILIANS WITH GUNS,
      Large Sodas
      Chili Fries
      or in a traditional marriage.

      • Charles Hammond Jr

        I’m pretty sure that’s not a complete list.

        • Anonymous

          Mayors Against Common Sense. Works for me.

      • Jeff Allen

        add sparklers to that list now.

      • Boricua

        Amen to that

    • Anonymous

      Mayors Against the Constitution.

  • Paulfr

    Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
    Martin Luther King Jr.

    • Jeff H

      1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. is awash in insincere ignorance and unscrupulous stupidity. Perhaps MLKJ was not so prescient as some would believe.

    • Anonymous

      And an unlimited bank account.

  • Stupid Name

    So there are some mayors that are “for” illegal guns?

  • Anonymous

    But he was re-elected Mayor of New York City!!!

    • Jeff Allen

      Nanny Bloomberg… you’re a disgrace! NYC, you deserve what your getting every time you vote in people like this!

    • smack

      Why is there not a recall started on mayor bloomberg
      Like in Colorado. Recall his butt

      • Anonymous

        There are certain places, in this country, where the citizens love being nannied. New York and California are on the top of the list. Colorado is there too, but only because you’ve allowed way too many Californians in there and allowed them to change your culture.
        I can remember New Hampshire, when all the tax dodgers from Massachusetts moved in, wouldn’t let them get all the benefits they had in Mass that they didn’t want to pay for. Services cost money. If you’re willing to take certain things to the dump on your own, your trash hauling is cheaper. Things in New Hampshire have changed a little, but the Mass people are beginning to get it. All you have to do in Colorado is tell the Californians, “If you want all this stuff, go back to California.” and don’t let them change your culture.

  • Anonymous

    Bloomberg is a 21st century cross between fascism and socialism….kinda like Mussolini was.

    • Anonymous

      Fascism is always Socialist. The Nazi’s were in reality the German National Socialists Workers Party. The Nazi’s were as left wing as you can get. Socialists to the core.

      • Herman Vogel

        Sad that our schools “Forgot” to mention that when they use the word Nazi to describe Patriotic Americans.

      • Anonymous

        Even Hitler confessed that there was no real difference between his government and the Russians.

    • Anonymous

      If Bloomberg were more charismatic he’d wear a swastika.

    • dasboot

      More like Douchelini.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Tsarnaev was actually killed when his brother ran over him with a stolen SUV. Has Mayor Bloomberg condemned the use of SUVs as weapons yet, and if not, why not?

  • Sulaco

    Actually 1 in 12 names on the “victims of gun violence” list the commie mayors group put out is either a felon shot by police or a criminal killed by a would be victim at the time the crime was commited. Bout right for NY nut jobs in general and this his Nazi mayorness specifically.

  • Sulaco

    Not to mention of course his admission that his MAIG’s group is run from NY city hall with taxpayer dollars not money from tinfoil hat wearing Bloomie.

  • Anonymous

    Last month, Bloomberg and the city comptroller stepped out for a pizza. When Bloomberg ordered another slice the owner told him he had reached his limit. “Hizzonna” went off like a bottle rocket.

    • Mark K

      I hope you realize that is a fictional story from a spoof/parody site.

  • Anonymous

    Good… This freaking turd deserves everything tossed his way!

  • LF Saito

    How does being wealthy and the Mayor of New York ( gun city) a position he actually purchased for a third time with his own coin, qualify him to be an authority about anything more than making money?? Is it because he feels superior to us peasants who actually have to sweat for a living and don’t have time to watch what these pseudo intellectuals are pulling off behind our backs.

  • Ihaveenoughforwhatineed

    Just like all people with money coming out of their ears, they think it gives them the right to ride roughshod over all those with less. Well get this Mr Bloomberg, You are just another person, and your opinions are your own, just that, nothing more. So when we want your opinion we will give it to you, OK…

  • Eddie Jordan

    Is Bloomburgs name Richard or Dick? either one fits!

  • Anonymous

    Everyone should post this to their pages; help it go viral. Even better than selling Big Gulps or having gun shows across the street from their national bus tour stops!

  • Alohajonny

    Bloomberg is one of the most dangerous anti Americans in this country

    • Anonymous

      add obama, fienstien, morse, bennett, holder and all the other O-bots on his czar list.

      • Goondan9

        Don’t forget her highness “what does it matter?” Benghazi Hillary the simpleton Clinton!

  • Jeff Allen

    Nanny Bloomburg… you’re a disgrace! NYC, you deserve what your getting every time you vote in people like this!

  • Hugh Pecon

    It is the duty of every patriot to protect his country from its government. Thomas Paine

  • dean

    He just likes seeing himself on TV.

  • AlexS1

    On supporter of the Mayors group actually said that this was unfair reporting, that when the names were read, they were names of people killed by guns.
    Let’s disarm our Law Enforcement Officers so this never happens again. While we’re at it, might as well take all those evil weapons from our military.
    It’s liberal morons like this that will be the death of this great nation.

  • Bozo

    Now that’s what I’M TALKING ABOUT !!! Bloomberg, what a baffoon !!!

    The D.C. Clothesline

    all federal gun laws are unconstitutional

    Obama: Only Thing Between Me & Full Gun Confiscation Is The Constitution

  • AlexS1

    Read my post, didn’t seem clear. The guy who made the comment about the people shot by guns said it included all those killed by guns, they didn’t distinguish between victims or perpetrators.
    Looks like NYC might elect a Weiner for Mayor, which the only difference between him and Bloomberg is that his name is Weiner.

  • Paul F.

    Tsarnaev got SMOKED by Boston Police… I think they should be commended!! Oh, btw, his brother DRIVING OVER HIM didn’t help!!!

  • Harry

    His group should be called “Mayors Who Shouldn’t Be In Office”!!! It’s a pathetic, transparent attempt to circumvent the 2nd Amendment. What part of “shall not be infringed” does this moron not understand?! NYC, Chicago and DC have a few things in common…strict gun-control laws that don’t work, high gun crime rates and Democratic Mayors and Councils. Go figure!

  • Rick Ellington

    HAHAHA that video is frickin cool funny douchebag bloomhitlker dumbass!!!!

  • Boricua

    They recalled politicians in Colorado Can we start a petition to recall them in

    N.Y. then California , and any other state we need to.

    Bloomberg Mania is whats wrong with this country. we have way to many politicians that think like this idiot. Starting with Obama and work our way down

    Harry then Pelosi.

  • Anonymous

    Bloomberg thinks that his way is the ONLY way. Reminds me of Obama.

  • J. Biteme

    Hey, give Bloomy a break. All he had to play with when he was a kid was his own penis.

    • G Steven Brown

      And that scared him, because it looked too much like a short barreled gun.

  • Ruger 1

    Should be A.C.A.C.M. (American Citizens Against Criminal Mayors) Look who Bloomberg has running this thing, some of these so called mayor’s have been Arrested for Embezzlement, Pedophilia, Larceny & Perjury!!!! Bunch of Corrupt Politicians Telling the American Public How To Live. There Isn’t A Moral Compass Amongst Them. Bunch of Hypocrites.

  • Jimmy Miller

    There should be a group of pro 2nd amendment supporters following them around and reading names of people who’s lives have been saved by the 2nd amendment!! Bet it would be a list a thousand times longer than theirs!!!

  • Lyvnxxl

    What a loser.