NRA blasts Bloomberg

The National Rifle Association is coming to the defense of New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, simultaneously blasting New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

“Seen this ad, paid for by New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg?” begins the ad, which can be viewed below. “Don’t believe it.”

The ads launched by Bloomberg’s group have been aimed at Senators who voted against the Manchin-Toomey gun proposal, which failed after coming short of 60 votes. Ayotte, who voted against the proposal, was considered to be one of the crucial votes.

The ad doesn’t stop there, though, pointing to other votes cast by the first-term senator in support of improving the effectiveness of background checks and the mental health system.

“Kelly Ayotte voted for a bipartisan plan to make background checks more effective,” the spot continues. “Kelly Ayotte stands with New Hampshire prosecutors, and police, for New Hampshire values.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • Marcia Devine

    Bloomberg should concentrate on the illegal guns. He has so much money, I guess he just doesn’t know what to do with himself. Maybe he shouls have a soda.

  • Anonymous

    Bloomberg needs to stay in NYC with his personal armed security and fix that city’s out of control crime problem. Leave the law-abiding alone…

    • David Pittelli

      I don’t approve of Bloomberg’s politics, or gun policy, or use of big money to attack other politicians he disagrees with. But actually NYC has had a pretty low crime rate since Giuliani. Bloomberg isn’t stupid, and didn’t reverse Giuliani’s aggressive and proactive policing tactics. (Basically, enforce even minor laws, flood high-crime areas with police, and frisk a lot of people, which is controversial because there may or may not be probable cause for the frisk, depending on whom you ask, and because the people in high-crime areas tend to be black or Hispanic.)

  • Michael

    Kelly Ayotte is the best Senator, actually in Washington to do her job. Representing the people of NH.

  • Joe deRochemont

    Senator Ayotte made the absolute proper & right vote. Criminals don’t care about background checks. It is (was) feel good legislation. All it would have accomplished is making it a pain in the butt for law abiding citizens. Thank you Senator Ayotte!