Not a peep from Daniels

In Wednesday’s Primer we asked our politically-connected readers if they have heard even word one from Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who is rumored to be considering the presidency quite seriously.

What we discovered is that no one, absolutely no one has had any meaningful contact with the Daniels camp.

One Republican town chairman e-mailed us to say they had tried very hard to convince Daniels to visit the Granite State for an event, but that his people expressed no interest.

A well-placed Concord lobbyist told us that he had provided his name and credentials (which are impressive) to Daniels’ inner circle through a high-level intermediary and has since heard … nothing.

But in a bad sign for Daniels, by far the most common sentiment expressed by our readers was that they really know nothing about the Indiana Governor at all.

“No idea who he is or what he is about,” said one New Hampshire military veteran, the type of person you would recruit to run a vets coalition is, say, you were thinking of actually running for President.

Author: Shawn Millerick

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      I like Ike!

      We want newt to … what?  Metamorphose into a pink eft?
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