Norelli: Republican budget will kill people

It’s unclear whether the Democrats’ call for civility in public life after Rep. Gabbie Gifford’s January shooting in Arizona was ever meant to be serious. But former-House Speaker Terie Norelli’s comments last night certainly indicated she always felt the admonition was a joke.

During a town hall meeting on Monday night of 35 people at Laconia High School, Norelli said, “The one thing people have to know about this budget is that it will cost people jobs, raise local property taxes and put people’s lives at risk.”

“There will be people whose lives are will be at risk. It’s not an exaggeration,” she added.

Some of us have become used to hearing Democrats accuse Republicans of trying to kill people. It has happened numerous times over the past couple of weeks during the most recent budget negotiations in Washington. And now it’s happening in New Hampshire.

It should be noted that Rep. Norelli was invited to vacate the Speaker’s chair in one of the most lopsided partisan realignments in state history after four years of fiscal mismanagement under her and her party’s stewardship.

Nevertheless, I expect to hear more, and increasingly shrill, accusations that Republicans are out for blood. That’s what people do when their ideas have failed and been rejected by voters.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Anonymous

    Civility @ its best!