No anchor in sight for ‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’

Today’s entry in Ovide Lamontagne’s ‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’ series sheds light on yet another fee for boaters that Maggie Hassan backed during her time in the New Hampshire state Senate.

“From hospital bed fees, to motor vehicle agent fees, which we’ve already covered, Hassan clearly believes that increasing fees on suppliers up the chain won’t impact those who purchase the service. Now she’s done it again, voting to raise agent fees for boat registrations by 233%, a cost that will be passed on directly to New Hampshire’s boaters,” states this morning’s press release.

The hike on agent fees marks yet another boat-related entry into the series targeting Hassan, now the Democratic gubernatorial nominee two years after losing her re-election bid for the state Senate.

At this point, it’s clear that the Lamontagne really wasn’t kidding when it said the spotlight would shine on a tax Hassan backed everyday until the election.

Author: Staff Reporter

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