NHJ SURVEY: Readers Say Economy Getting Worse, Businesses Reducing/Stagnating, Govt Spending and Jobs Top Issues, Repeal IPAB.

According to the most recent survey of NH Journal readers, the economy is “getting worse” and New Hampshire businesses are going through reductions.

Over 800 people participated in the survey covering the economy, the business environment, top issues in the race for Governor and President, the Independent Payment Advisory Board portion of President Obama’s health care law, and approval ratings for Congressmen Guinta and Bass.

60 percent of participants said the economy was “getting worse”, 26 percent said it’s “staying the same,” whereas just 12 percent said it’s “getting better”. Additionally, a whopping 76 percent of respondents said the their business has either encountered “reduction” or “stagnation,” which could spell bad news for politicians running for re-election like President Obama or the Democrats running to replace John Lynch in New Hampshire’s corner office.

Among the top issues facing the country, NH Journal readers rate “Jobs and Economy” as number one with 41 percent, but “Federal Government Spending” is a close second with 31% percent indicating that voters are still not happy with spending levels in Washington, DC.

They’re not any happier with spending in Concord, either. In New Hampshire’s race for Governor, “Jobs and Economy” edged out “State Government Spending” 33 percent to 29 percent, a priority that will likely be represented in the candidates’ messaging heading into the Fall. While voters want the economic environment to improve, they clearly see a bloated state government as a problem and will be watching to see how the candidates address these issues leading up to the November election.

The survey also questioned voters about the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) section of President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also known as ‘Obamacare’), which has been a heated topic of debate in Washington as Republicans in the US House of Representatives, including New Hampshire’s Congressmen Guinta and Bass, have voted to repeal what is viewed by many as an especially damaging provision in the law. Survey respondents resoundingly voted to repeal the bureaucratic Board, which would be responsible for Medicare cuts, by a margin 58 percent to only 14 percent in favor of IPAB. 25 percent of readers say they “need to learn more about the issue”.

Finally, both Congressmen Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass get strong marks from NH Journal readers. 75 percent of participants say they approve of Guinta’s work in Washington, with 2nd District Rep. Charlie Bass trailing slightly behind with 73 percent aproval. This certainly bodes well for them as they gear up for the home stretch in the race to keep their seats.

Stay tuned for one more survey before the General Election on November 6.

View full survey results below:

NH Journal End of Summer Survey

Author: Staff Reporter

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