NH native DeMaura heading new ‘Carly for America’ SuperPAC

Republican businesswoman Carly Fiorina appears to be taking a big step toward a presidential bid tonight as a group of her supporters launch a new SuperPAC, ‘Carly for America.’


The disclosure was timed to coincide with Fiorina’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday. The SuperPAC’s executive director is New Hampshire native Steve DeMaura, a former executive director of the New Hampshire Republican Party and the former political director of Fiorina’s Unlocking Potential PAC.


News of the new SuperPAC was first reported by the New Hampshire Journal on Twitter. “Carly for America” is separate from the Unlocking Potential PAC, which backs conservative women candidates.

The new SuperPAC also released a new pro-Fiorina video, which can be viewed below:



“As Carly decides whether to enter into the 2016 race, Carly For America will continue to build conservative support and help lay the groundwork for a potential presidential candidacy,” DeMaura said in a statement.


In addition to DeMaura, the top staff and advisers to ‘Carly for America’ are:


_ William B. Canfield, General Counsel: Former attorney for five GOP presidential campaigns and two-time chair of the Standing Committee on Election Law of the American Bar Association.


_ Greg Mueller, president of CRC Public Relations: A former senior adviser to presidential candidates Pat Buchanan and Steve Forbes, senior adviser to numerous statewide candidates, as well as many national advocacy campaigns. Mueller was a familiar face on the New Hampshire presidential primary scene during his time with the Buchanan and Forbes campaigns.


_ Keith Appell, senior vice president of CRC Public Relations: A former senior adviser and national spokesman for presidential candidate Steve Forbes and senior adviser to numerous statewide candidates and national advocacy campaigns.


_ Katie Hughes, senior acount executive at CRC Public Relations: Former communications director to Rep. Dennis Ross, R-Fla., and press secretary to former Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind.


The group said it will support “Carly’s continued work to promote conservative policies that advance economic growth, a strong and secure America, respect for faith and family and effective leadership at home and abroad.”

Author: John DiStaso

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