NH ‘liberty movement’ version of Norquist’s ‘Wednesday Meetings’ proposed – on Mondays

A self-described “libertarian-conservative” who is taking on a member of the state Senate leadership in a primary has joined with a long time conservative activist in an attempt to create a local version of Grover Norquist’s Wednesday Meeting.


An email from Tim Condon and Sam Pimm to their fellow conservatives, obtained by the New Hampshire Journal  says they are establishing a “Monday Meeting“ series “patterned on” Americans for Tax Reform president Norquist’s “famous” long-running regular sessions of invited conservatives in Washington.


Condon, an attorney, is in a Senate Republican primary challenging Sen. Jeanie Forrester in District 2, while Pimm was active in Newt Gingrich’s New Hampshire presidential primary campaign and then served for a short time as the campaign manager for former Sen. Bob Smith.


The two write that “there is value in getting the leaders of New Hampshire L&F (liberty and freedom) organizations together ‘in the same room’ once a month in order to ‘exchange views, ideas, agendas, and projects.’


“(T)he L&F movement is growing in New Hampshire, both as to individuals and organizations, and there is no ‘general meeting’ where everyone can be brought together in order to share what they’re doing.”


They write that one “NH Monday Meeting” has already been held,” which was attended by about a dozen people on short notice. The “Monday Meeting,” they say, will be held once a month and is “strictly by invitation only.” The next meeting is scheduled for Aug. 11 at Murphy’s Taproom in Manchester.


Some of the “included organization” are Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, Granite State Taxpayers, NHGOP “L&F wing”; New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, RightOn Strategies, NH Tea Party Coalition, NH Right to Life, National Organization for Marriage, New Hampshire Firearms Coalition, American for Tax Reform, House Republican Alliance, Gun Owners of New Hampshire, 9/12 coalition, New Hampshire Right-to-Work, Marijuana Policy Project, Pro-Gun New Hampshire, Josiah Barlett Center for Public Policy, Free State Project, Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, Cornerstone Policy Research, The Quill, New Hampshire Advantage Coalition, Spectrum Marketing, The Atlas Society, Starke360, GraniteGrok, Americans for Prosperity, the Free Town Project, Center for Constitutional Studies, Bardo Farm and Area 23.


The email says the meetings will be dedicated “to the memory of Andrew Breitbart (who said ‘My goal is the destruction of the Democrat-Media Complex’).”


The email concludes with: “So, as Obama and other collectivist pigs often say: ONWARD!”

Author: John DiStaso

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