NH leaders speak out against stimulus spending

In a press conference hosted by the Republican National Committee (RNC) on Thursday, well-known Granite State leaders spoke out against what they termed the broken promises of the Obama administrations stimulus plan, which promised “shovel ready” jobs for unemployed Americans and six percent unemployment, but have resulted in outsourced projects to foreign countries and unemployment remaining over eight percent.

Conservative activist and small business owner Jennifer Horn expressed her angst about the president’s policies and misleading promises, and how they will affect future generations of Americans.

“At a time when Americans were suffering under 10 percent unemployment, this president sent billions of stimulus dollars to grow jobs overseas,” said Mrs. Horn. “The taxpayer funded stimulus that the president promised would bring us to an unemployment rate of under six percent by now, was used to grow jobs in China, Finland, Mexico, and twelve other foreign nations.”

“In 2010, Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer, Sherrod Brown, Bob Casey, and Jon Tester all called out the president on spending tax dollars to grow jobs overseas. According to these Democratic Senators, more than ¾ of the 3 billion dollars that went to wind energy projects supported by the stimulus package, had gone to foreign companies. They acknowledged that this effectively undercut the president’s stated purpose of the stimulus package. It is especially distressing to middle class workers across our state and across our nation to learn that while manufacturing jobs had been steadily declining over the past decade, this president spent our hard earned tax dollars to grow manufacturing in other nations.”

“Here in New Hampshire according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we have lost 6,200 manufacturing jobs since this president took office in January of 2009. 6,200 good paying middle class manufacturing jobs lost just in New Hampshire alone under this president. It is no wonder that between his failed economic policies, failed leadership, and completely dishonest campaign commercials and speeches, that the American people have lost confidence in President Obama. President Obama promised us a different kind of presidency, a different kind of leadership, and instead we have gotten one broken promise after another.”

“It is a huge disappointment that voters have got to go to media outlets and fact checkers to determine the integrity of a president’s statements. As this election gets closer and closer, and the stakes get bigger and bigger, it appears that President Obama gets smaller and smaller. As the mother of 5 children, 4 of whom are now young adults, my greatest concern is whether or not they will have the economic opportunity that we had at their age, whether or not they will be able to raise their families in an America of unlimited opportunity as our parents did. It is clear that under this president, they will not.”

State Representative and House Majority Leader Pete Silva discussed his frustrations with the warped policy lens from the administration and his supporters:

“There’s an old saying that liars figure, and figures don’t lie,” said Rep. Silva. “And when you look at some of the things that have gone on with this whole outsourcing subject, Jennifer mentioned three of the countries, but you should know all of them: New Zealand, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, China—that’s my favorite one—Denmark, South Korea, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, Russia, Luxembourg, El Salvador, Great Britain, Spain, Japan, and France.”

“And when you see things like that, and you see one of the biggest ones we had was in Delaware this car called the Fisker, that whole premise was that it was an electric car, a high-end electric car. When you always hear these stories about the ‘the left trying to help out the little guy’ and ‘they’re going save the economy,’ well, how many people buy $100,000 electric cars? That’s the type of person that buys that. Not to mention the fact that all of the promises that were made about where they were going to manufacture this. It was going to be in Delaware. Up to 2,000 jobs were lost because they outsourced it all to Finland.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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    Correction to sign above:  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funded by our wunderful, freedom lovin’ friends over in Socialist Republic of China.  Thank them by buying more leaded child toys, high sulphur sheetrock, and don’t forget to by Toto his favorite Melamine and cyanuric acid infused doggy treats.  He’ll roll over and play dead for them!
    – C. dog remembers the red plagues