NH leaders praise Romney-Ryan ticket

Wednesday in Concord, Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, House Majority Leader Pete Silva, Senator Sharon Carson, and Former House Speaker Donna Sytek came together with grassroots supporters to offer their praise for the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan GOP ticket. They spoke about Governor Romney’s bold pick, and how Congressman Ryan is someone who has pushed for solutions to real problems facing our federal government in Washington. They also took the time to criticize the president and how he raided $716 billion from Medicare and current seniors just to pay for ObamaCare.

“The choice of Paul Ryan by Mitt Romney, elevates the election of debate to the magnitude of the scope of the problems that America faces,” said Sen. Bradley, who served alongside Rep. Ryan in Congress, “I know Paul well, he is a charismatic leader. He has an attitude to solve these problems, he won’t make excuses for not trying to solve these problems.”

Bradley also addressed Ryan’s historic focus on reforming entitlement spending, stating, “Medicare is a program that senior citizens depend upon. Medicare faces an unfunded liability of $37 trillion, and since 2008 Medicare has had a cash balance deficit, and will be bankrupt by 2024. While all this is happening, Obamacare siphons off $700 billion dollars out of Medicare from seniors around the country and in New Hampshire. Under President Obama, four years of trillion dollar deficits, and trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see has created a fiscal crisis. We need real solutions to major problems and this administration has failed to provide any.”

“As the only speaker here today who is actually on Medicare, this issue is personal for me,” said former Speaker Sytek, “The idea that President Obama would cut over $700 billion from Medicare for those currently enrolled is, frankly, a scary one for those of us who depend on it for our health care. That he would take this money from Medicare to pay for Obamacare, a plan that most Americans don’t want, is insulting.”

“Mitt Romney wants to protect and strengthen Medicare,” Sytek continued, “What does that mean? It means that Medicare remains unchanged for those of us already on it as well as for everyone over 55. I’m the oldest of seven children and six of us would be safe under the Romney plan. But what about youngest brother who is 45? Unless there are changes made, Medicare will run out of money before he retires. The Obama plan does nothing to address this. Zilch. Nada. Like Scarlett O’Hara, he’ll “worry about it tomorrow” and leave some future administration to deal with it. By contrast, on Day One of a Romney-Ryan administration, Mitt Romney will start the process of repealing and replacing Obamacare and restoring funding to Medicare so that it is on a sustainable path. The Romney plan will protect the program for today’s seniors like me, and strengthen it for future generations, like my younger brother and daughter.”

Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan will be in the Granite State to host a town hall meeting in Manchester on August 20th.

Photo credit: Alan Glassman

Author: Staff Reporter

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