NH Journal’s Debate Prep in 140 Characters or Less

Seven Republicans will line up to debate before a Granite State audience Monday night in the first CNN/WMUR/Union Leader New Hampshire Primary debate at St. Anselm College. NH Journal has some Tweet-length advice for the participants:

@MittRomney – Target Obama, play up private sector experience, ignore the pigmies, offer one new idea to steal Tuesday’s headlines

@MicheleBachmann – Only woman on stage which is a huge plus, if you are serious be a visionary not a demagogue

@TimPawlenty – Try to make your econ plan central topic of debate, drill down on ‘Obamneycare,’ Don’t try to outshine the others, it only looks phony

@THEHermanCain – Get crowd laughing and whooping and UR halfway to another big debate win, ridicule career politicians, avoid foreign policy gaffes

@RickSantorum – Don’t be a jerk, stay in your lane with social issues talk

@NewtGingrich – Overwhelm opponents with ideas and vision so people forget about ‘Newtiny,’ Stay clean – you don’t need enemies right now

@RepRonPaul – Drive your message (your people will love it): Get out of Afghanistan, legalize it, end the Fed

Author: The Editors

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