NH House special election to act as a performance review for GOP

On Tuesday, May 17, New Hampshire will hold its first special election of 2011 to fill the open House seat formerly held by Republican Bob Mead in Hillsborough County District 4. Mead recently left his elected post to accept a job as House Chief of Staff. District 4 includes the towns of New Boston, Mont Vernon, Temple, Wilton and Lyndeborough.

Democratic nominee Jennifer Daler is a former State Rep. who served one term (2007-08). She faces Republican Peter Kucmas, a Czech-born immigrant whose family moved to the United States to escape the Communist-controlled Soviet Union.

Insiders are viewing this race as the first public referendum on the new Republican-controlled state legislature, as well as a test of the NHGOP’s organizational ability heading in to the presidential primary season. It will be seen as a sign of weakness in terms of both ideology and ground game if the Republicans fail to keep this seat in their column.

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • Anonymous

    It is the first referendum on O’Brien style politics and radical agendas. The voters spoke.
    People of NH: 1
    O’Brien extremists: 0 

  • Archer411

    How does Maddow get away with the hatred that she spews on her show?  I attempted to watch it last night but couldn’t get past that hateful, horrible, expression on her face the two minutes I had MSNBC on………   What a hateful woman she is.   If it’s not what she believes, she’ll turn it around and make it LOOK like it is real, not made up.  :)  Wait a minute, she is a democrat isn’t she?  Enough said…..  Sorry.  I should really have been thinking.

    • Jsingle47

      I know she fills her program with those pesky facts and citations. That is so hateful of her to disregard those of you who live in a bubble of your own opinions.
      She does ask the hard questions, but she is more polite to her guests than most of the folks on cable politics channels.
      You just need to spew, do you feel better now?