NH GOP logs complaint against Hassan over budget documents

New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Horn has filed a complaint with Granite State Attorney General Michael Delaney against Governor Maggie Hassan over her “unwillingness to comply with state law and submit required budget documents to the legislature.”

The complaint cites RSA 9:2 of state law, which requires whomever the governor is to submit a budget document to the state legislature no later than February 15th “of the year of each biennial legislative session.”

“As of this writing – over one week after the required February 15 deadline – Governor Hassan is intentionally ignoring and violating New Hampshire law. She is refusing to submit documents that include the explanations and legal language regarding her proposal that will become the House Bill 2 (HB 2) component of the state budget,” reads the letter to Delaney’s office.

Horn’s letter goes on to dub Hassan’s inaction as “gambling with New Hampshire’s fiscal integrity and putting the fate of many critical state services at risk.”

Delaney, who is a Democrat like Hassan, will soon be up for re-nomination to his post. The GOP chief acknowledges that fact in the letter.

“I recognize that you are in a difficult position to take action against Governor Hassan’s blatant attempt to subvert New Hampshire law given you are soon facing re-nomination to your position. I am also aware that you are one of the most prominent New Hampshire Democrats to speak out against the governor’s budget and oppose her irresponsible revenue scheme. I congratulate you on your courageous and principled stand against bad policy that threatens our state’s fiscal integrity,” it reads.

Horn subsequently stated that any effort on Governor Hassan’s part to subvert Delaney’s re-nomination due to his complaints about the budget would be taken as “politically vindictive.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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