NH Dem. dubs vandalism ‘hilarious’ then apologizes

At least one New Hampshire Democrat appeared plum giddy over last week’s vandalism of New Hampshire Republican Party headquarters, briefly attacking the party for filing a police report in response to blatant law breaking.

“#NHGOP outraged by Christian graffiti,” read one tweet from Keith McCrea. “‘healthcare for all’ is bad? Hilarious. Who does the party represent, again?”

McCrea is a former campaign staffer for failed 2012 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jackie Ciley, listed as “Director of Campaign Operations” in a press release from June of last year.

Further research also pegged him as a staffer for state Senator Martha Fuller Clark and as communications coordinator for “National education association – New Hampshire.”

Subsequent rebuke from Granite State GOPers were met with doubling-down.

“Why does the GOP hate Christ?” McCrea further mused, whilst dubbing the NH GOP’s response, which consisted of denouncement and filing a report with the Concord Police Department, “hilarious.”

Yet within 10 minutes a recant was issued.

“I in no way sought to defend breaking the law,” a follow-up tweet read.

Though McCrea deleted the inflammatory tweets whilst issuing the apology, NH Journal has obtained screenshots that can be viewed in sequence below.

NH GOP vandalism

NH GOP vandlism 2

NH GOP vandlism 3

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • Guest

    Thats not extremist, GOP.

    Scott Roeder assassinating an abortion doctor is extreme.

    Timothy McVeigh bombing the Murrah Federal Building is extreme.

    Eric Rudolph bombing abortion clinics and the 1996 Olympics is extreme.

    Jim David Adkisson targeting a Unitarian church for a mass shooting
    because the members are “Liberals and Democrats” (His words) is extreme.

    Getting your headquarters spray painted isn’t extreme at all when put
    into perspective of what right wing extremists have done in recent