NFL recap, Nats win the division, Ryder Cup meltdown, etc.

Let’s do this in reverse order, shall we?

Last night’s Monday Night Football clash between the Cowboys and Bears will go down in the record books for all the wrong reasons. Unless you’re not a Cowboys fan; I’ll stay non-biased on the topic.

The Cowboys’ gun-slinger, (another pun that’s intended) Tony Romo, managed to accomplish a feat never before seen in the annals of MNF programming: throwing 5 interceptions in one game. I thought it was going to be bad enough when he became the 5th quarterback all time to throw 4 interceptions in multiple Monday games, but it seems as though Romo wanted his own place in the history books. Once it’s come that far who could blame him I guess?

As a general rule, teams don’t win football games when they turn the ball over as many times as I take a mulligan on 9 holes of golf (more on that later). Needless to say, that was the case here too and the Cowboys were soundly defeated by “Da Bears” 34-18.

Now, a lot of the blame will fall on Romo for this performance and rightfully so. But the ‘Hall of October 1st, 2012 Sports Shame’ would not be complete without also giving wide receiver Dez Bryant a shoutout. Sure, he had 8 catches for over 100 yards. But the young wideout, looking for that elusive ‘elite’ status, was targeted 13 times and had 3 drops that were, to put it bluntly, horrendous. He was booed by some in the crowd and the Cowboys franchise finds itself “still waiting on their talented wideout to become the next great no. 88.”

Bringing things closer to home, Sunday saw the Patriots put up video game numbers on the always overachieving (umm) Buffalo Bills.

Racking up 580 yards of total offense en route to a 52-28 win, and thereby halting their first 3 game losing streak in a decade, seems all in a day’s work for the boys from Foxboro. Hardly, though.

Thing is, the Pats trailed 21-7 in the 3rd quarter before scoring 42 unanswered. Pretty generous of them to spot the Bills a half and 14 points, right? Of the 580 yards of offense, 340 of those came from Tom Brady’s 22 completions on 36 attempts. Turnovers seem to be the new ‘replacement referees’ of this post, so it’s also worth mentioning that New England forced 6 Buffalo turnovers.

The game now makes New England 17-1 over its last 18 clashes with the 4-time Super Bowl runner-ups.

For a couple of other NFL related notes, none of the 3 teams that entered the weak unbeaten (Falcons, Cardinals and Texans) came up short, though both Falcons and Cardinals were given a run for their money. Also, the Packers bounced back from last Monday’s replacement absurdity with a 28-27 win over the Saints.

Speaking of, the regular referees have returned. Cheers!

Baseball wise, the Washington Nationals clinched their first ever National League Eastern Division title last night. I’ll be giving baseball substantially more coverage once the postseason kicks off.

Lastly, maybe I should have dedicated an entire post to the Ryder Cup, but let’s get real; that would’ve only happened if America had won. I’ve thought about this disaster more than I want and I’m ready to move past it, so look elsewhere for innovative analysis on what caused the Sunday meltdown turned pre-October surprise that nobody wanted.

At this point, all that’s left is for President Obama to blame President Bush for the loss.

Author: Sports Guy

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