New study says staring at breasts is good for men’s hearts

The release of a new medical study generally distresses most folks. Whether it’s about something we regularly eat or routinely fail to do, the news is almost always bad.

But a new study out of Germany might give men some hope.

“The authors of the study recommend that men stare at breasts for 10 minutes a day.”

Study: Staring at breasts increases heart health:

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Melvin

    Medical study’ purportedly published in the New England Journal of Medicine claims research has shown that ogling women’s breasts increases men’s lifespans.

    Description: Email hoax / Satire
    Circulating since: March / April 2000
    Status: False

    It’s an urban legend:

  • Bill Moore

    Just to clarify – is that 10 minutes TOTAL staring at breasts every day, or 10 minutes PER breast. Also, from what distance? I’m flexible on this.

  • Jessebndct9

    what a genius

  • Robert Beowulf

    Do you get your ten a day?

    At least the nurses at my local hospital will understand now.

  • Shah M. Hussain

    I wanna live healthy 😀