New Hassan TV ad continues hammering Havenstein as ‘failed’ business exec

Gov. Maggie Hassan continues pounding GOP rival Walt Havenstein as an ineffective, “failed” businessman in her latest television ad, which began airing on Tuesday night.



The ad continues the theme of her previous ad, charging that Havenstein “ran his company into the ditch,” referring to his time at SAIC, “shedding thousands of jobs” and “pushing the Koch Brothers agenda of more tax breaks for big corporations while the middle class pays the price.”



It then quickly changes its tone and speaks positively of Hassan’s record.



View the ad below.

“Granite Staters face a clear choice this November between Governor Hassan’s bipartisan leadership that’s building an innovation economy for the future, and failed CEO Walt Havenstein’s Koch Brothers agenda that would give more tax breaks to big businesses, while middle class families pay the price,” said Hassan campaign Manager Marc Goldberg. “From balancing the budget without a sales or income tax, to freezing in-state tuition for college students, to doubling the R&D tax credit for our businesses, Governor Hassan has a proven record of bringing together leaders of both parties to get real results for New Hampshire’s people and businesses.”



There was no immediate response to the ad from the Havenstein campaign.



The Havenstein campaign, meanwhile, announced that Havenstein will hold a business town hall meeting in Newfields on Friday at mid-day and a public town hall meeting in Nashua next Monday evening.


The new ad comes as the governor’s office on Tuesday announced that revenue figures and the budget surplus fell about $7 million short of the goal for the June 30 end of the fiscal year laid out by her and lawmakers.



The numbers prompted GOP lawmakers and Havenstein to blame Hassan and Hassan to partially blame changes to business taxes made by the GOP-led Legislature of 2011 and 2012.

Author: John DiStaso

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  • jerseycity

    Maggie Hassan’s ad proves that not only can’t she read a balance sheet, nor can anyone around her either, but she can’t read a calendar.n

    Walt retired from BAE then SAIC asked him to come clean up the mess that already existed at SAIC. When he left in 2012 the problems were largely solved and they gave him nearly a Million$$$$ bonus for his work. Using his plan the cut down SAIC doubled its sales to its major customer from 2.5 Billion$$$ to %.6 Billion$$$.

    The problem for Maggie is that she doesn’t know success from failure so she goes to Turkey with an entourage and NO plan coming home with absolutely nothing to show for it, except for annoyed state employees who were told that there was no money for out of state travel, much less overseas travel. Great “leadership” there Maggie.

    BUT Maggie does have kind of a plan, Overspend, overspend, overspend until the only way to pay for the state’s obligations is to institute a Income TAX. Maggie loves taxes.