New Hampshire doesn’t need lectures from out-of-state lefties

If you’re like me you have grown a bit exhausted from liberals in the Granite State grumbling about what the conservative legislature is doing to “their” beloved New Hampshire. You know these folks by their inane caterwauling about “out-of-state money” or “outside group agendas.”

One of the worst offenders is an obscure blogger named Dean Barker. Barker wrote recently, “Who are these rulers in Concord, from what out-of-state playbook does their agenda come from and what did they do to this lovely place?”

Could this possibly be the same Dean Barker whose biography says he was “[b]orn in Pearl River, New York, he attained a Bachelor’s degree in literature from Bard College, a Master’s degree in classical languages from the City University of New York Graduate School and an ABD in classical philology at Fordham University, before moving to the Granite State in 1999”?

Lots of folks who live in New Hampshire are from somewhere else and that’s okay. But please don’t move to this great state, attempt to radicalize it and then whimper when the natives revolt and tell you they like it how it is.

Otherwise, might I suggest some of the other fine states New England has to offer?

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Mike Kelly

    What New Hampshire needs is for more of its citizens to research both sides of the issues and vote

  • Timothy Horrigan

    If you want to accuse people from being out of state, I could name literally DOZENS of prominent out of state NH “righties.”  Everyone in the House GOP leadership, for example, is a transplant with the exception of DJ Bettencourt, Gene Chandler, Norm Major & Shawn Jasper— and actually DJ went to high school in Massachusetts and even played varsity baseball for UMass.

  • Anonymous

    Most NH residents are not natives and certainly many of us who move here are politically active. However, there’s a difference between those of us who escaped from socialist states like MA, NJ, NY to come to NH and keep it the most free state in the nation and “dirty birds” like Barker who already fouled the nest in their homeland then come here to make NH more like the places they left. Why would you leave New York if you love big bloated expensive state government??

    • Patjhynes

      Testify, brother!

  • Anonymous

    This is especially hilarious, given that Speaker O’Brien is not from NH, nor are many members of his leadership team, including Al Baldasaro and David Bates. All these proponents of the far right nanny state made their money elsewhere, and have come here to tell all of us how to handle ours. You’d be hard pressed to find many natives amongst the rascals in the current NH legislature. 

  • Padding the Bill

    “But please don’t move to this great state, attempt to radicalize it and
    then whimper when the natives revolt and tell you they like it how it

    I couldn’t agree more.

    Uh, you are talking about former Mass. Democrat — and former law partner of jailbird ex-Mass. Speaker Finneran — Bill O’Brien, right?