New Hampshire Dems greet Weiner scandal with silence

The normally chirpy Democrats of the Granite State are silent on the scandal surrounding Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) despite their tendency to offer an unsolicited opinion on most political matters.

NH Journal has conducted a search of state Democrats’ websites and public statements and found a dearth of comments.

Perhaps there is a reason for the silence. A Journal investigation shows some surprising personal connections between Weiner and key New Hampshire Democrats.

Before she was voted out of the first Congressional district in 2010 Rep. Carol Shea-Porter formed the self-styled “Middle Class Working Group” with Weiner and the two reportedly were good friends in Washington.

We contacted Ms. Shea-Porter for comment but she did not respond to our inquiry as of this filing.

Weiner is connected to a top Democratic staffer, as well. Weiner contributed a good deal of money to the campaign of Dennis Shulman, the Democratic Party’s nominee for Congress in New Jersey’s fifth district. Shulman lost the race, but his daughter Holly Shulman now serves as the Communications Director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. Just recently she all but accused one Republican presidential campaign of committing a crime. However, Shulman and the NHDP have been silent on Weiner.

NH Journal contacted Shulman as well and as of this posting she did not respond.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • NH State Rep Serlin

    OMG people who are “friends” become responsible for the actions of those others? That’s certainly what you’re trying to imply with your “news” article. This isn’t journalism…it’s a smear campaign.

  • NHdeservesbetter

    This is staggeringly lame, in addition to the expected dishonesty.

    Pawlenty sure picked a winner with you, and vice versa.

  • HynesisaLoser

    What a stupid, mindless article. Great work Patrick, you must be proud.

  • Mike Kelly

    Pretty lame article – so I guess the headline is the imp-lied story