Updated: New Crossroads GPS digital ad hits Hassan budget plan

Tuesday, March 3 update:

The state Democratic Party on Tuesday said a Crossroads GPS digital ad criticizing Gov. Maggie Hassan’s budget proposal shows that “Washington Republicans” are “increasingly terrified” about the possibility of Sen. Kelly Ayotte losing her reelection bid next year.


Hassan is viewed as the leading potential Democratic candidate to challenge Ayotte’s reelection bid, although the governor has said she is not thinking at this point about next year’s election. If she does run against Ayotte, it is expected to be tough, expensive battle, not unlike the 2014 contest between Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Republican Scott Brown.


Anticipating a possible Hassan run, Crossroads GPS has launched a digital ad buy of $50,000 (see our initial story below), following a radio ad buy of $230,000 by the American Crossroads SuperPAC and an earlier web video by the National Republican Senatorial Committee.


“The latest dishonest ad from Karl Rove’s dark money group makes one thing clear: Rove and his special interest donors are terrified about Kelly Ayotte losing. And they should be,” NHDP chairman Raymond Buckley said in reaction to the ad, which can be viewed at the end of this report.


“Ayotte is polling significantly below 50 percent because she’s proven time and again that she’s more focused on raising her national profile than looking out for the people and businesses of New Hampshire,” he said. “No matter how many false ads Washington Republicans run, they won’t be able to distract from the fact that Ayotte puts her own political ambition first no matter the cost. Just ask the first responders who may still face a shutdown at the Department of Homeland Security because Ayotte held funding for the agency hostage for weeks to appease her Tea Party base.”


Adding criticism of Ayotte on Tuesday was Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman Justin Barasky, who said:


“It’s telling that Karl Rove and his special interest friends are already pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into New Hampshire in an effort to prop up Kelly Ayotte who is one of the most vulnerable Senators in the country. Rove is spending big because he’s rightfully worried that New Hampshire voters don’t approve of Kelly Ayotte’s irresponsible record of bringing us to the brink of a DHS shutdown, supporting a budget that cuts Medicare and Social Security, and putting politics over the people of New Hampshire. New Hampshire families deserve better than a Senator like Kelly Ayotte who is in the pocket of Karl Rove and other powerful special interests who could care less about New Hampshire’s middle class.”



(Our earlier report follows:)


Monday, March 2:


Following up its radio ad buy announced last week, the conservative issues group Crossroads GPS tomorrow will launch a $50,000 digital ad buy again criticizing Gov. Maggie Hassan for a proposed budget it says includes “more spending, higher taxes, and no real innovation.”


Crossroads last week became the second out-of-state group to attack Hassan, who is viewed as a possible contender for the U.S. Senate seat held by Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Hassan has had consistently high favorability ratings among Granite Staters in polling.


The National Republican Senatorial Committee also launched a web video critical of Hassan’s proposal to create a position of Chief Operating Officer for state government.


Democrats called the NRSC ad an attempt to protect Ayotte, who the Democrats say is politically vulnerable. They said the Crossroads radio ad was “twisting the facts” about Hassan’s budget.


The new digital ad will be seen on Facebook, Twitter and search engine web sites, Crossroads said.


Its script is similar to the radio ad, charging Hassan proposed a tax that “would hit lower income people hardest” and “sizeable increases in business taxes.”


It also says Hassan’s budget “bets on a risky Keno gambling scheme to pay for more spending.”


View the new ad below:


Crossroads GPS is an issues group which, like SuperPAC American Crossroads, was co-founded by Karl Rove, a former senior advisor to former President George W. Bush.

Author: John DiStaso

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