New Crossroads Ad On TV in New Hampshire

A new ad from Republican Super PAC Crossroads GPS that spotlights the failure of President Obama’s policies to turn economy around will air in New Hampshire and nine additional states for three weeks starting Wednesday.

The new ad, titled “Basketball,” will be up on NH television for a total buy of $772,000. The spot uses the struggles of an average American family to detail the Obama Administration’s poor results on fixing the troubled economy, cutting the debt, keeping taxes low and other key issues.

The ad is the second in a $25 million issue advocacy initiative in New Hampshire as well as in Colorado, Iowa, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

“This ad drives home the impact President Obama’s policies are having on American families and why those policies need to be changed,” said Steven Law, president of Crossroads GPS. “We want there to be a serious debate on the real issues people are facing in this country, and this ad expresses the human element of that debate.”

According to Crossroads GPS, since President Obama took office in January 2009, the national debt has increased by more than $5 trillion, 45% more people are on food stamps, gas prices have doubled, and job growth is anemic, leaving record numbers of Americans to simply give up looking for work and leave the workforce. Obama and his advisors promised that his economic “stimulus” legislation would prevent the unemployment rate from rising above 8%, but it has been above 8% for every month of Obama’s presidency since February 2009, and the real unemployment rate is considered much higher by economists, due to the large number of discouraged workers who have left the workforce since Obama took office.

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Watch the ad here:

Author: Staff Reporter

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