NBC Hopes to Host New NH Debate

National Journal reports that NBC News and Facebook are planning a debate for the Sunday before the NH primary…whenever that Sunday comes, tentatively expected for Feb 12 prior to a Feb 14 primary. It would take place at the Cap Center for the Arts in Concord and be moderated by Meet the Press’s David Gregory and be broadcast as a special edition of the show. Missing, at least for now: A local partner such as a newspaper or college, which makes it harder to say no to.

Of course, announcing a debate and actually holding one are two different things. Lots of groups announce debates hoping that if they build it, the candidates will come. Lots of them fall apart when candidates won’t commit. Good luck, everyone.

Author: Fergus Cullen

Fergus Cullen is a former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party (2007-2008) and an editorial page columnist for the New Hampshire Union Leader.

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