MoveOn-DFA poll suggests Warren could compete strongly with – and possibly beat — Clinton in NH

The two activists groups trying to recruit Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for President released the results of polls of likely Democratic voters in New Hampshire and Iowa that they say shows that Warren can win the primary and caucus. and Democracy for America – as part of their Run Warren Run campaign — had YouGov survey 400 likely Democratic primary voters in each state between Jan. 30 and Feb. 5. For the full poll results click here.


After the participants were read positive information about Warren’s positions and background, and with no negative information about Hillary Clinton or any other potential Democratic candidate, 76 percent said they want Warren to run.


Asked who they would support in the New Hampshire primary, 30 percent said they preferred Warren and 27 percent said they preferred Clinton, with 31 percent remaining unsure and 6 percent for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.


“As people get to know Elizabeth Warren, they love what she stands for, what she’s fighting for and they want her to get into the race,” said DFA executive director Charles Chamberlain during a conference call with reporters releasing the poll results.


Warren has said she will not run, but the groups say they will continue to recruit her. They have opened Run Warren Run offices in New Hampshire and Iowa, with staffs. The New Hampshire office is headed by longtime organizer Kurt Ehrenberg.


The poll also showed that 98 percent of those polled were in favor of a contested primary.

Author: John DiStaso

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  • Liberty Doctrine

    Elizabeth Warren is just another lying politician used by the Federal Reserve Bank to enslave every American. Run Liz Run. We will expose you for the fraud that you are!!!