More Drama for State GOP; MacDonald Disappoints

New Hampshire Republicans may soon be pining for the relative glory days of the Jack Kimball Chairmanship.

In recent days interim Chairman Wayne MacDonald has managed to find himself crosswise with New Hampshire’s Speaker of the House, the Senate President and the presumed GOP nominee for Governor Ovide Lamontagne. He has also been the subject of a devastating Union Leader editorial.

MacDonald was selected to fill in after Kimball was ousted because he was thought to be a non-controversial fill-in who could take direction from party leaders.

“Wayne was just supposed to be a placeholder until we found someone good,” one top level Republican source told NH Journal. “No one ever thought he would be making such disastrously consequential decisions.”

At issue is MacDonald’s decision not to endorse a boycott of Nevada, which moved its nominating contest to encroach on New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation status. That decision undermined Secretary of State Bill Gardner’s efforts to protect New Hampshire’s traditional role, the Union Leader opined in an editorial. The paper also said MacDonald should apologize to Gardner.

Late-Wednesday morning the GOP congressional delegation decided to join the boycott, as well.

Instead MacDonald has dug in and continues to support a weakened New Hampshire position.

The problem, NH Journal has learned, is that MacDonald’s chief adviser in this regard – new Party Executive Director Tory Mazzola – has no allegiance to the Granite State but rather views Party leaders in Washington as his superiors.

NH Journal can confirm that MacDonald was prepared to change his position and formally ask Nevada to move, however Mazzola talked him out of it.

What’s more, despite the fact that MacDonald was only supposed to serve until the next Party meeting in the winter, he is now being advised by Mazzola to resist calls for an election and serve out the ousted Kimball’s entire two year term.

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • Voteobamaout

    Jack wants that bad after all huh….   And your orgainzation did its best to inpune and malign him.  Hope those in the party who back tab him get a doze of this.   The wise book says,  Dig a pit for others, and you’ll fall in ti yorusefl….

  • Voteobamaout

    So, Jack wasn’t  that bad after all huh…. And your orgainzation did its best to impune and malign him. Hope those in the party who back stab him get a doze of their own medicine. The wise book says, Dig a pit for others, and you’ll fall in it yorusefl

  • rginnh

    Gee I was thinking the same thing about Millerick.