Monitor taking notes from lefty bloggers

Now we know where Karen Langley of the Concord Monitor gets her news: From Blue Hampshire and the Huffington Post.

Those two lefty blogs attacked Rep. Lynne Blankenbeker for her appearance on WMUR’s Close-up this weekend, fraudulently charging that she does not believe Osama bin Laden is dead. Lo and behold Langley and the Concord Monitor suddenly stumbled onto the story. Democrats, lefty bloggers and the Concord Monitor will never forgive Blankenbeker for being a Republican and winning a House seat in Concord.

For the record, Rep. Blankenbeker, who proudly serves her country in the Naval Reserves and will deploy to Afghanistan next month, was merely making the point that she had not received any information or instructions regarding bin Laden’s death from her superiors and she found that odd. She welcomes the news of the terrormaster’s death. “I have a firm belief that the president of the United States, my commander-in-chief, the United States Navy, and my fellow soldiers and sailors would never make a public statement that would deceive the American public,” she said.

But just repeating the facts doesn’t destroy a Republican’s reputation, so lefty bloggers and a reporter who should have known better had to sex the story up.

The Monitor and the Democrat operatives who pushed this bogus hit job should hang their heads in shame.

Author: The Editors

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  • H. Barnes

    Liberals are the worst kind of sexists. Look how they treated Sarah Palin. They whine about sexism and racism but they are the worst examples.

  • Anonymous

    The only time the reporters and editors at the Concord Moronitor stumble into the truth is when their broken watches tell the correct time twice a day.
    – C. dog

  • Anonymous

    Despite the clear statement by Lynne, the CM writes in such a way that it gives the impression she said the opposite. And the dumb readers believe it.

  • Richard Olson Jr.

    Hence, my reference on NHInsider and Granite Grok where I refer to the CM as a local “Fishwrapper”

  • livegreenordie

    Damn lamestream media at it again I tell ya & those liberals will be the death of us. Must vote 4 more republicans that will fix it. Beware of evil bloggers 2. Don’t get 2 close either because some sanity might rub off on you.