Monday Night Football Recap: The Plot Thickens

Buyer beware: this is not penetrating, thought-provoking analysis.

In an ending that stands a good chance of being the worst in Monday Night Football’s history, last night’s titanic-sized clash revealed the Green Bay Packers’s greatest weakness:

‘The Replacements.’

For that matter, the replacement officials are probably every NFL team’s Achilles heel at this point. Last night’s debacle served as the icing on top of a cake that anyone who enjoys quality football should want no part of.

In case you missed it, the final play of what should have been the Packers defeating the Seahawks by a high-flying margin of 12-7 instead turned into the Seahawks emerging with a W.

Meanwhile, armchair quarterbacks threw beer at televisions and a squad of referees have perhaps become the most hated people in America.

Nevermind the questionable calls, indecisive judgment and overall ineptitude that permeated the rest of the game; that appears to be the new norm. The kicker (no position pun intended) here is that final play: Seattle QB Russell Wilson’s heave-ho to wide receiver Golden Tate in the end zone, Tate’s blatant offensive pass-interference against Packers cornerback Sam Shields and safety M.D. Jennings apparently having possession of the ball, thereby making it an interception.

The only problem, of course, is that the penalty went uncalled and the play was ruled a touchdown for Tate, handing Seattle a game they didn’t win.

So, I’m here writing about lingerie league referees turned NFL embarrassments instead of recapping a football game.

Damage has been done to the credibility of the National Football League. The no-calls, blown calls and second-guessing have reached a point of either hilarity or abject failure, depending on how seriously you take the sport. If the pile-on from the entire season wasn’t enough, last night is a clear sign that something has to give.

Of course, as much as some reasonable part of me would like to think that blame for the real NFL officials’ walking out goes both ways, I’m having a hard time buying it. But I don’t get paid to travel the country, watch a sport I (presumably) love and hear my voice echo across a stadium full of thousands of people week in and week out. What do I know?

Then again, there’s this morning’s little tidbit from the Lingerie Football League. Yes, I’m going there.

Following last night’s tomfoolery, they made sure we all knew that “several” of the crews now keeping NFL players in line were fired from their ranks as a result of “on-field incompetent officiating.” Reputation preservation at its finest.

And now I’m looking at you, NFL.

The plot gets thicker, though. The league itself will (allegedly) “address” the outcome of last night’s game at some point today. At this point, do we really expect any real change?

Perhaps the most pathetic part of all this ranting is that I’ll still be watching come Sunday at 1 p.m. Chances are, you will be too.

Author: Sports Guy

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