MLB playoff drama continues

First things first, the Reds ruined my predictions for the second consecutive day. As such, I’ve waited to write anything else until after Game 5 between the so-called ‘Big Red Machine’ and the San Francisco Giants was well underway. To mirror the Braves last Friday, anything spoken about that team will be written under protest.

Guess what? The Reds are losing. As of posting, trailing 6-3 heading into inning number seven.

Meanwhile, every other team contending for a World Series ring will be playing today/tonight, starting with the Cardinals and Nationals at 4:07. Don’t ask me where they get these times from.

Currently, Sports Guy’s prediction record sits at 4-2. I’ve looked even less into the stat sheets for today’s games than usual, so who knows how this will go.

Gut feeling is that the Nationals will drive this series to a deciding fifth game today. That being said, I predict that the Cardinals will win that game. The Nats are simply too young, too inexperienced and unused to winning that it’s not going to happen this year. The future is bright, but only for one more game in 2012.

Of course, if the Cardinals win today, then my series prediction is still ultimately right.

The Yankees will eliminate the Orioles last night. Losing an extra-inning game on a walk-off homerun, and then having to play in Yankee Stadium the next night, will be too overwhelming for this young team.

Full disclosure: I hope the Orioles prove me wrong on this one.

During a prior discussion today, a “friend” expressed belief that the Detroit Tigers would be putting away the Oakland A’s tonight in their deciding game. Each of these teams had impressive runs to end the season and win their respective divisions, but Detroit enters the final game as the favorite with a 6.5 over/under and AccuScore simulations having them victorious 64% of the time.

That said, I’m going against the grain. The A’s, who won 94 games this year compared to the 88 claimed by Detroit, will win and advance to the NLCS against the Yankees.

In closing, while Sports Guy loves sports, a public service memo to everyone is that you watch the VPOTUS debate tonight instead of the A’s proving him right.

Author: Sports Guy

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