Medicare Part D: Beneficiary Satisfaction Soars

In a time when government disapproval has grown among the public, Medicare Part D stands as a mark of success for government programs. A national survey released this month by KRC Research of approximately 2,300 seniors (65+), highlights the overwhelming positive response to the program. With almost 10 years since it was first enacted, Medicare Part D appears to one of the most popular government programs in existence.

Getting into the numbers, we see that the overall majority of seniors are satisfied with the program – more than 90% are satisfied with almost 60% being “Very Satisfied.” On the other side, only 6% say they are “Not Satisfied” which includes “Not Too Satisfied” and “Not At All Satisfied.” Over time, the satisfaction level among seniors has grown 12% since 2006 when this survey was first conducted.

KRC Research broke down why seniors were satisfied with the program by coding answers into response categories. The results were striking of the seniors who said they were satisfied with the Medicare Part D program; overwhelmingly, seniors said the “Cost Is Reasonable” at 39% and “Works Well, Convenient” at 21%.

Even across the political spectrum, the results of the survey show wide agreement in the satisfaction of the program. Approximately, 87% of Republicans and 92% of Democrats are satisfied with the program, with Independents in the middle at 88%. More survey results show that satisfaction is even high among seniors who fall within different Social Economic Status’ and among different demographics.

At the end of the day, you find a program that is under Congressional Budget Office projections, is highly popular with beneficiaries and has support across the political spectrum. Medicare Part D is a program that should remain intact and be used as a model for other government programs moving forward.

Author: Staff Reporter

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