Medicaid Expansion: Let’s Look at the Facts

Governor Hassan and the Democratic-controlled House are calling the Republican-controlled Senate uncaring when it comes to the Medicaid coverage for an additional 50,000 people. The Governor and Democrats in the House state they believe that Washington will pay the bill and it will not cost New Hampshire taxpayers anything.

It seems like Governor Hassan is sounding more and more like Obama. Every taxpayer in New Hampshire should shudder every time they hear about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), period. Mr. Obama, the United States Senate and House which were all under the control of the Democratic Party during the passage of the ACA knew that with all of the restrictions placed on insurance companies, millions of Americans presently insured would lose their plans, period.

This is one of the biggest lies ever suffered by the American taxpayers. Hardworking American men and women are being punished, losing their doctors and present coverage because the Democrats know what is best for everyone, period. Nonsense!

Is it possible the President and all of his henchmen, including Governor Hassan do not realize they are destroying America’s present health care system to insure the 15% of Americans that were not covered prior to the ACA? The 85% who were insured are now attempting to navigate the uncharted waters brought on by the single worst tax law in our nation’s history.

The New Hampshire Senate needs to stand tall and stop this train wreck, ACA, before it destroys the present New Hampshire way of life. The billions of dollars promised by this administration are just as solid as the liars promising them. This administration has taken distortion of the truth to a level never seen in this country. And to that end, if you call Obama a liar, you are now called a racist or wacky. Whenever an Obama program fails, he turns his race dogs loose to call anyone opposing him a racist.

The truth is many voters are now realizing Obama has a very hard time telling the truth. It is always someone else’s fault or he didn’t know. His lack of work experience and inability to listen to opposing views has given us Obamacare, which is D.O.A., period.

The answer to insuring the previously uninsured is something Obama and the Democrats would never think of, Free Market Competition. Let insurance companies cross state lines to compete for people’s business like auto and home insurance companies do.

Medicare Part D is a prime example of something that works. The pharmaceutical companies compete with each other to win the contracts and the result is that today, because of free market competition; Medicare Part D has a $500 million dollar surplus, period.

Also we must remember that New Hampshire had 22 health care providers prior to Governor Shaheen destroying that advantage by legislating a one size fits all mandatory product that drove 20 of those providers out of New Hampshire. Does this sound like what is happening to the nation today since October 1, 2013, or as Yogi Berra said, is it déjà vu all over again?

It is obvious why Governor Hassan is against Senate President Morse’s plan. It is a free market approach that would keep State Government out of the insurance business.

The New Hampshire Legislators need to think way out of the box. Let’s take local control to a new level. Let the people decide what type of insurance they want and not force them into the present one size fits all offering of Obamacare. Let New Hampshire step up and show the rest of the nation that with a few common sense regulations, the consumer and insurance companies can decide what is good for the consumer. Then once again, with common sense, focus on the folks without insurance.

This issue will be revisited in January when the Legislature reconvenes. Common sense and steady as we go leadership can help those most in need while not destroying the entire health care system.

Jim Adams is Chairman of the Granite State Taxpayers and a member of the New Hampshire State Veterans Council.

Author: Jim Adams

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  • spin43

    “Live Free or Die” is a joke. NH has been taken over by the Demonrats from Messuckchewshits.

  • spin43

    Much of northern NH is on welfare, especially Berlin and Conway.