Media questions result in cancelled anti-Islam rally

A “Death to Islam Rally” planned for January 1st at the New Hampshire State House has been cancelled, according to a new posting on Facebook by organizer Butch Thornton.

The cancellation of the event comes after the Concord Monitor began an inquest into which top Republican leaders have had associations with Thornton. Thornton is a conservative activist who has been involved in a number of Republican campaigns. According to numerous sources, the Monitor was trying to tie Thornton to Jack Kimball, a candidate for state GOP Chairman, and other leading Granite State Republicans. NH Journal reported on the Monitor’s investigation in Monday’s Primer.

The actual title of Thornton’s proposed event was “Death to Islam in America Rally – Send Islam Back to the Desert.”

Before the event was cancelled, Thorton’s Facebook event page read, “WE ARE STILL A CHRISTIAN NATION!!! IF YOUR’RE [sic] SICK & TIRED OF HAVING ISLAM SHOVED DOWN YOUR THROAT… then we must fight back.. if you’re [sic] had it with all of this muslim [sic] bullshit, then let your opinion be heard publicly… say NO to islam [sic]… tell them we’re not going to take their shit!!! NO mosques in NH.. NO imams in NH, no muhammeds [sic] in NH, we want islam out of politics, out of our lives…”

Nine people had RSVP-ed for the rally on Facebook before the event was canceled.

Author: Shawn Millerick

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