McQuaid on Andy Martin: “What a tube steak”

Union Leader publisher Joe McQuaid weighed in on the Andy Martin debacle on Twitter on Monday.

“NH primary always provocative. This. Guy Martin being the latest example. what a tube steak,” tweeted McQuaid, who tweets under the handle @deucecrew.

A “tube steak” is a hotdog. But it also has a slang definition, which would sauce up McQuaid tweet, if that was the way in which he intended it.

Martin can be thankful McQuaid reserved his comments about him for Twitter and has (so far) kept him out of his editorial page.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • school yard slang

    Hynes I think you’re off base on what a tube steak is. First its military slang for a not very nice name (as in junk) to call someone and most importantly for this context it’s what folks when the older were younger in NH called a dummy. Someone not to bright like in: “that guy is a tube steak” never does it refer to someone to spice up or liven up something. I’m pretty sure the Master of the Ink Barrel was not being nice when he referred to this Martin clown the anti-Semite as a tube steak.