Mayday PAC commits $2M to help Rubens, while Bolton backs Brown

CONCORD — In a huge boost for Republican Jim Rubens’ U.S. Senate campaign, a super PAC promoting campaign finance reform has decided to back him and oppose perceived GOP Senate primary front-runner Scott Brown with independent expenditures of $2 million in New Hampshire.


The Mayday PAC — dubbed “the super PAC to end all super PACs” because that is its ultimate goal — picked Rubens because of his strong stance against the current system of financing campaigns and his support for a voluntary public financing plan.


Mayday PAC co-founder Larry Lessig, a Harvard law professor, said the group is especially strong in its opposition to Rubens’ GOP primary rival Brown, who, Mayday said in a press release, “has embraced special interest funding and was the deciding vote against in the DISCLOSE act, which would have increased donor transparency.”


It is the second super PAC to endorse Rubens. The local New Hampshire PAC to Save America, whose sole funder as of June 30 was Patricia Humphrey, wife of former U.S. Sen. Gordon Humphrey, announced its endorsement of Rubens and opposition to Brown last month. Rubens has also been endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire and its national parent organization.


Rubens, who reportedly learned of the endorsement by reading about it in the New York Times, reacted, “Voters are fed up to their eye teeth with career politicians who go to Washington to collect campaign cash rather than solving the nations’ problems and serving the people they represent.


“Washington politics is corrupted to the bone by today’s special interest dominated campaign funding system. It’s why Washington can’t control its addiction to spending, it’s why the budget is infested with corporate welfare, it’s why we have military pork even the Pentagon does not want,” Rubens said.


Mayday is also supporting a Democratic candidate, Iowa state Sen. Staci Appel, and intends to add to the list in the coming weeks.


“We started with these two races to be crystal clear. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your party is, or what powerful friends you have,” Lessig told “If you are standing in the way of fundamental reform, if you are supporting what has become a fully corrupt system of money in politics, then you should watch your back.”


The super PAC is reportedly spending $12 million on five congressional races this year, including $2 million in New Hampshire to help Rubens defeat Brown in the Sept. 9 primary.


Mayday PAC was created earlier this year by Lessig and GOP strategist Mark McKinnon, who also was an originator of the “No Labels” political organization aimed at creating promoting non-partisanship in government.


“This is an issue we believe New Hampshire cares about,” Lessig told the Concord Monitor. “We are happy to be in a state where we think people understand the issue . . . and we’ll try to do the work to deliver pressure on the candidates.”


Also Wednesday, Brown picked up the endorsement of former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton, who said his super PAC – named the John Bolton Super PAC – will contribute $10,000 to Brown’s primary and (should he be the GOP nominee) general election campaigns.


Bolton said in a statement: “Formerly a colonel in the Army National Guard with a distinguished record, Scott Brown knows how to lead and he believes in an America that is respected at home and abroad. He is the type of public servant who isn’t afraid to be independent and make bold decisions for the state of New Hampshire.”


Brown said: “As a former ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton is a leading voice on the threats facing our nation’s security, and he recognizes that right now our open borders pose a very real challenge. I am grateful for his support and leadership as he continues to call attention to the important issues influencing our nation’s foreign policy.”


Bolton announced two weeks ago his super PAC plans to make at least $30,000 in independent expenditures for a digital ad against 2nd District U.S. Rep. Ann Kuster for her highly-criticized answer to a question about Benghazi at a question-and-answer session with the Jewish Federation of New Hampshire last November.

Author: John DiStaso

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