Matt Murray: Shea-Porter fights for the middle-class

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This election, voters in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District once again have a choice between two candidates we know very well: Carol Shea-Porter and Frank Guinta.


The two candidates have faced each other in the same race for the last three election cycles.


Carol is a true fighter for the middle class: pushing for stronger labor laws, a higher minimum wage, and access to healthcare for all Americans.


Frank is a self-proclaimed “Tea Partier” who opposes any increase in the minimum wage, wants to “reduce government regulations” that help protect our environment, and would take away a woman’s right to choose.


Carol has the endorsement of workers’ organizations like the NH AFL-CIO, the State Employees Association, The American Federation of Teachers-NH, and the National Education Association of New Hampshire. Carol has also been endorsed by Planned Parenthood for her opposition to the attacks on women’s rights, the Human Rights Campaign for protecting the rights of the LBGT community, and the Sierra Club for her work protecting the environment.


On the other hand, Frank has been endorsed by the Koch Brothers-funded Americans For Prosperity and the Association of Builders and Contractors. Frank and the ABC held up construction of the Manchester Jobs Corps building because they were opposed to a federal agreement that would have protected construction workers and ensured that they were paid a fair wage.



Carol has voted time and time against proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare – programs that Americans have paid in to, their entire working lives. Vote after vote, Carol has defended the promises of retirement security that Americans have relied on since 1935. Protecting Social Security is one of the cornerstones of Carol’s service in Congress, and that’s why she has been endorsed by the New Hampshire Alliance For Retired Americans.



Frank, on the other hand, supports Paul Ryan’s plan to make cuts to Social Security and Medicare.



Carol has defended the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard from threats to close it. She was also very vocal in her opposition to last October’s 16-day government shutdown.



There is no doubt that Frank would have voted with the extremists in Congress to shut our government down. And Frank has already promised he would join the faction that keeps forcing the House to waste resources voting on Obamacare (at least 60 times so far).



Once again, Granite Staters in the First District have a very clear choice between candidates.


•  If you want a fighter for the middle class who opposes corporate PAC money, vote for Carol Shea-Porter.


•  If you want someone in Washington who will vote for his corporate funders and against the middle class, then Frank Guinta fits the bill.


I will be voting to re-elect Congresswoman Shea-Porter.


(Matt Murray of Merrimack is the editor of NH Labor News.)

Author: Matt Murray

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