Manchester mayoral hopeful doctored video after getting busted

Manchester mayoral candidate Patrick Arnold today quickly edited an attack video aimed at his opponent incumbent Mayor Ted Gatsas after the Hearst Corporation had it removed due to a copyright violation.

Arnold appeared to claim the video was never removed with the following tweet:


But in reality, the Arnold campaign deceptively edited the original video to remove the illegal material and reposted it.

The New Hampshire GOP claims Arnold’s deceptive tactics mean he “lacks respects for voters”:

This is not Arnold’s first endeavor at shady campaign tactics. According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, earlier in the year, the Attorney General found Arnold and two others sent out an illegal mailing in the last general election:

The Attorney General’s Office has backed Republican state Sen. David Boutin’s election law complaint against three Manchester Democratic aldermen, finding they should have filed as a political action committee when they sent out a mailing last fall backing Boutin’s opponent.

Boutin, of Hooksett, charged that current candidate for Manchester mayor Patrick Arnold, as well as Joyce Craig and Ron Ludwig, violated a state law that defines a political committee as “any organization of two or more persons to influence elections” and requires a committee to register with the Secretary of State’s Office after receiving contributions totaling, or spending, at least $500 “to promote the success or defeat” of a candidate in an election.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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