UPDATED: Majority Leader calls protester-supporting Catholic Bishop a “pedophile pimp”

House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt blasted Bishop John McCormack of the Manchester Diocese as a “pedophile pimp” because the Bishop spoke at a State House rally protesting Republican proposed budget cuts.

The Bishop called the cuts a “moral concern” because “the vulnerable take priority in any society.”

Bettencourt fired back on Facebook.

“Would the Bishop like to discuss his history of protecting the ‘vulnerable’? This man is a pedophile pimp who should have been led away from the State House in handcuffs with a rain coat over his head in disgrace. He has absolutely no moral credibility to lecture anyone,” Bettencourt posted.

Bettencourt elaborated on his comments in exclusive remarks to NH Journal emphasizing his own Catholic faith.

“Yes, my language was colorful but I stand by the sentiment in describing a man who has in my opinion brought shame and dishonor on my church here in New Hampshire,” Bettencourt said. “As a practicing Catholic it is truly disappointing that we would have a leader with a record of enabling such egregious and unacceptable behavior. From my perspective it will be a great day for New Hampshire Catholics when Bishop McCormack retires and we can bring new leadership to the church that is untainted by the abuses of our current bishop. He stepped on to secular soil yesterday and he should not be above being called out on the merits of his words and actions. ”

Jack Kimball, the Chairman of the NHGOP condemned Bettencourt’s remarks.

“I have not yet spoken to Mr. Bettencourt personally about his comments, but I am disappointed with his words and I don’t share his sentiments,” Kimball stated.

Author: The Editors

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  • Anonymous

    Oh who cares what some guy in a dress said? Or what someone said about the guy in the dress? This is not politics, this is stuff that should be on Perez Hilton’s website. And yes our churches have been made into Marxism promoters.

  • Jane

    I am not happy with Bettencourt’s comments, because as a Catholic, he is ignoring the most vulnerable, and like it or not Republican Party and Bill Donohue, Catholic leagues Self-appointed Republican shill spokesperson for the Cathoic Church,,,, we DO have an obligation to the vulnerable,,,, not the Republican Party. However, also as a Catholic, I am dismayed by a Catholic League President who is in the pocket of the Republican party – not mentioning this action – but choosing to comment one more time against the Kennedy’s – Noting that the movie was taken off History channel because they family opposed the film. Take a read of Releases from the catholic league’s $439K/yr President — They are Political, not religous.

    Now let’s think about this,,, the Catholic Church has a scandal that the League’s President ignores or blames on the “Gay Community” — A Catholic calls a Bishop a Pedophile Pimp,,,, and the President of the Catholic League who has deputized all Republicans to note when a Kennedy, Kerry, Biden, Casey or Pelosi takes Communion chooses to blast the Kennedy Family.

    And we think the Catholic Church has no problems???? The problems are excuse makers like Donohue who had Bettencourt had a “D” after his name would be topic for discussion over and over again.

    Yes, Houston,,,,, the Catholic Church has a problem. Politically motivated shills using the church for political purposes is hight up there.

  • Saxman

    I’m confused….does this mean that McCormack is no longer a pedophile??

  • Cauthon

    Unfortunately, anyone who runs for public office can expect a lot of really mean feedback. In the current hard times, there is not enough money to enable the government to keep on spending like a drunken sailor (with apologies to my old roommates and any other sailors out there, comparing them to politicians:-) and support all programs in the style to which we have become accustomed. Nobody is going to be happy about that, and as usual the attitude is that it’s OK to cut the budget but make sure to keep spending for whatever I like. I have lived and worked in states that had the full range of taxes and I can tell – as, actually, we can all see from every day’s news – that no matter how much money the government has, there are always people who campaign for spending more.

    I’m not Catholic and I can’t tell their Church what to do, but when the Church gets involved in politics, they can expect the same kind of criticism as any of the rest of us. Our Senate Majority Leader has apologized for his colorful language; it would be nice if his critics would apologize for their colorful complaints and avoid personal attacks against people they disagree with. I assume any Christian leader must be familiar with the Biblical admonition to clean out the beam from our own eye before criticizing anyone else, and the warning that anger can be dangerous; let’s all try to be more careful about that, and remember that Christians are supposed to love everyone.

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    Very insightful and interesting. I hope some of the execs read and heed your suggestions.