Lynch vetoes parental notification bill

Earlier today, Governor John Lynch handed down his third veto of the current legislative session, striking his veto pen through HB 329, which would have required that parents be notified and give consent before a minor is able to obtain an abortion. Lynch repealed a similar law in 2007, and Republican state legislators made the issue a priority after taking control of the House and Senate in the 2010 election.

In a veto message issued by his office, Lynch defended his decision by charging that the legislation is “unclear and too narrow” and that it does not make an exception for victims of rape, incest, or abuse. He also articulated concerns that the legislation does not give physicians enough leeway to decide whether a pregnancy could put the mother’s health at risk.

“[A]ny law must make reasonable allowances for cases where that is not possible. I am particularly troubled by the lack of an exception for the victims of rape, incest and abuse,” said Lynch in his statement, “If the legislature works with me on this change and the other limited, common-sense changes outlined in this message, I would sign parental notification legislation.”

Conservative grassroots organization Cornerstone Action issued a harsh statement calling Lynch “extreme” and accusing him of pandering to the pro-choice lobby. Cornerstone cited a recent UNH Survey Center poll that showed 60 percent of New Hampshire citizens supporting parental notification legislation.

“John Lynch has officially solidified himself as being the most extreme liberal Governor in the state’s history when it comes to social issues. If lying to the voters about supporting gay marriage wasn’t bad enough, now he thumbs his nose in the face of thousands of parents by siding with the radical abortion industry,” said Cornerstone Executive Director Kevin Smith, “Even when he became the only Governor in the country to repeal parental notification, he indicated he would support a constitutional version of the law. But once again John Lynch has lied. His radical positions on social issues are enough to make even Nancy Pelosi blush.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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