Leave no boat untaxed: ‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’ #30

It seems as though Maggie Hassan was intent on preventing New Hampshire boaters from having a tea party to protest the landlocked taxes she backed to this point.

Today’s entry into ‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’ assails the Democratic gubernatorial nominee further for additional fee increases she backed related to boating.

“As the 2009 budget continued to flounder, Sen. Hassan continued to look to the boaters of New Hampshire to balance the load. This time, she increased the fee paid to the government for simply buying and selling a boat by 66%,” reads this morning’s press release from Ovide Lamontagne’s campaign.

This fee increase comes on the heels of Hassan’s prior votes to raise the cost of fees paid to captain a boat and register a boat for use in open water.

Author: Staff Reporter

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