Larsen email expresses ‘clear support’ for Ardinger in state Senate primary

CONCORD — Possibly to clear up any lingering confusion, retiring state Senate Democratic Leader Sylvia Larsen emailed her supporters Tuesday morning expressing her “clear support” for Concord School Board member and former board president Kassandra Ardinger in the state Senate District 15 party primary.
It is the only Democratic primary in the state Senate this year, pitting Ardinger against attorney Dan Feltes, who last week released a long list of supporters, some of them prominent Democrats.



But Larsen is squarely behind Ardinger, who will be releasing the names of more of her own backers in the coming weeks.



Larsen initially backed Ardinger when she introduced Ardinger just less than a month ago at a Senate Democratic Caucus event honoring Larsen on her retirement announcement.



In her lengthy  email Tuesday, the 20-year Senate veteran calls Ardinger “a capable candidate, a proven leader.”



She writes that Ardinger “has devoted much of her adult life to investing in her community by volunteering her time and energy to community causes. She is a woman with deep ties to the State of New Hampshire and with deep roots in the values of the Democratic Party. She grew up in Claremont and helped her uncle Harry Spanos run for Governor when she was a teenager” in the 1970s.



She noted that Ardinger, while heading the school board, was key in the school district’s planning and construction of three new elementary schools, “completed on time, under budget and without impacting the local tax rate.”
She calls her a “remarkable, community-minded person who was willing to devote the many hours necessary to work with parents, teachers, administrators, taxpayers and other community stakeholders in order to help galvanize a broad consensus in favor of public education assets that will benefit young children and their families for years to come.”



Larsen also writes that Ardinger is “committed to continuing our work to expand access to New Hampshire residents of all ages.” She writes that Ardinger will be an advocate for people with disabilities, the elderly and those with low incomes.



And, Larsen writes, Ardinger will “stand up for the privacy rights of women and protect their right to make their own decisions about their reproductive health, and the right to receive equal pay for equal work.”


Larsen also seeks donations for Ardinger and calls for “an amicable primary season.”

Author: John DiStaso

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