Lamontagne, Smith respond to Hassan healthcare comments

Republican gubernatorial candidates were quick to respond to Democratic candidate Maggie Hassan’s recent comments lambasting the proposed Medicare/Medicaid compact in NH, including a statement that the state “should not trust” the GOP-controlled legislature with health care issues.

Ovide Lamontagne fired off the following statement:

“I have said from day one that the decisions facing New Hampshire voters electing their next Governor this fall will be stark. With her performance today, Senator Hassan has once again made that point plainly. Senator Hassan – the chief architect of the discredited and rightfully rejected ‘Maggiecare’ plan to take over New Hampshire’s health care system – is once again choosing rhetoric over common sense health care reform for New Hampshire residents.

Senator Hassan’s characterization of my position is wrong. Each day on the campaign trail, I have spoken of the importance of our health care industry to New Hampshire’s families and small businesses. As Governor, I will use my real world experience working with health care providers to help devise common sense free market reforms that will deliver competition to our health care system and insurance markets, ensuring higher-quality, lower cost care and coverage. We can do this with steps such as reforming our CON process, encouraging hospitals and health care providers to collaborate with one another to find more efficient models of providing care, and allowing insurance to be purchased across state lines.

I have also said very plainly that I oppose the President’s disastrous, tax hiking, job killing Obamacare takeover of our national health care system. As Governor, I would fight the implementation of Obamacare here in New Hampshire, and work with like-minded members of our federal delegation to seek its complete repeal. In comparison, it is Senator Hassan who supports a top down, government run health care system that would remove all traces of freedom and the free market from both health care consumers and providers.

New Hampshire voters rightfully oppose the type of statist solutions that Senator Hassan and President Obama alike seek to impose on New Hampshire. As Governor, I will stand on the side of freedom, common sense reforms and the free market, and I will oppose the big government, one size fits all mandates that Senator Hassan seems to enjoy so much.”

Meanwhile Kevin Smith had the following to say:

“If Maggie’s idea of common-sense health care solutions are setting up government bureaucracies to fix costs of health care providers as well as levying new taxes on them, I can only imagine what some of her more ‘progressive’ ideas are. Maggie has entirely missed the boat on this issue. Health care costs will not be reduced by more government intervention, but rather by allowing more competition into the marketplace, which is exactly what I have proposed doing as part of my New Hampshire’s Future Is Now plan.

“Under my plan, businesses and consumers can purchase health insurance across state lines, and purchase alternative plans by allowing insurance companies to offer alternative packages without all of the state mandates. I’ve also called for an end to the CON process which will allow greater competition into the marketplace which will only benefit consumers in the end.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Now, when we distill the above rhetoric from gov-speak to standard English, which one sounds like the one that proffers a path more toward freedom?
    – C. dog keepin’ count