Lamontagne endorsed by New Hampshire Sheriff’s Association

At a Thursday press conference in Concord, Republican gubernatorial nominee Ovide Lamontagne notched the endorsement of the New Hampshire Sheriff’s Association.

All ten county sheriffs joined Lamontagne for the press conference.

“Public safety is job one of state government and as Governor I look forward to working with members of law enforcement in every county, city and town who keep our streets safe, to ensure that New Hampshire is the safest state in the nation,” said Lamontagne in a campaign press release announcing the endorsement.

Below is a statement from Sheriff’s Association President Craig Wiggin, which was also included in the campaign’s press release:

“The New Hampshire Sheriff’s Association is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with Ovide and to endorse his candidacy for Governor. As law enforcement executives we know Ovide will work with us on matters of public safety to keep New Hampshire the safest state in the nation. Most importantly, Ovide is a leader, he has the skill, the ability and the desire to lead and to make the difficult decisions and to do so in a bipartisan way, something that has been sadly lacking. He treats people with respect and that’s something we need from our leaders.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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