Lambert’s new TV ad criticizes Garcia on ‘Obamacare’

CONCORD – Republican 2nd District Republican candidate Gary Lambert will begin airing a new television ad on Thursday criticizing primary foe Marilinda Garcia, this time on the Affordable Care Act.


After airing two ads calling Garcia liberal on immigration, and pro-amnesty – charges she strongly denies – Lambert’s new ad follows up on an interview Garcia recently conducted with the Keene Sentinel, in which she reportedly said that she believes fully repealing the Affordable Care Act is no longer a viable option.


The key passage from the interview follows:


“She said she would advocate dismantling most aspects of the Affordable Care Act, but that repealing the law would no longer be a viable option. She said she sees the country’s health care debate as a struggle between trust in the free market and government intervention.


“While she agrees with provisions of the law that allow for coverage of preexisting conditions and allow young people to stay on their parents’ insurance plans until age 26, the individual mandate for coverage is too invasive, she said.


“’That’s a healthy debate to have when it comes to policy,” she said. “But when you foist something across the entire country … based frankly on what are lies and false premises, that’s a real problem.’”


The full Aug. 20 interview is here.


Lambert’s ad says, “In Congress, there are big differences. Marilinda Garcia says she supports Obamacare’s mandates and opposes repeal. Gary Lambert disagrees. Lambert supports repealing Obamacare because it works against us.”


The ad goes on to talk about Lambert’s experience of “working his way through college” and in the U.S. Marines.


View the full ad, entitled “Differences,” below.



Lambert also released a statement:


“My experience as a small business owner makes it clear to me that Obamacare must be repealed. It is increasing costs on working families, preventing businesses from creating jobs, and putting government between doctors and patients. My opponent, Representative Garcia told an editorial board recently that she opposes repeal because it’s not a ‘viable option.’ I disagree – I think repealing Obamacare is imperative to job growth.”


Lambert promised to “not stop fighting until Obamacare is repealed. I’ve fought all my life – to put myself through college and law school, to start a business, for our country in Iraq – and I’ve haven’t given up on anything yet. I’ll bring the same fight to repealing Obamacare in Congress.”


Garcia spokesman Kenny Cunningham responded:  “Gary Lambert has resorted to self-funding a smear campaign against Marilinda Garcia and it needs to stop now.  Like Obama, Gary has received a ‘pants in fire’ rating from the fact checkers for his dishonest attack ads because he will say anything to win. Marilinda has always opposed Obamacare, and will work to repeal it in Washington.


“Unlike Marilinda, Gary Lambert actually has a number of votes that he must explain to New Hampshire voters, including all three votes he made in support of Obama’s cap and trade scheme, his vote against allowing consumers to buy affordable health insurance across state lines, and his vote to support federal education regulations like Common Core.”


Late Wednesday, an attorney for the Garcia campaign wrote a letter to New Hampshire television stations demanding that they remove the ad from the air.

Author: John DiStaso

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