Kuster Tops Q3 Congressional Fundraising

Democratic challenger Ann Kuster has overtaken incumbent Republican Rep. Charlie Bass in both total fundraising and cash on hand, according to newly released campaign finance reports covering the third quarter.

Kuster out-raised Bass by more than 2:1 in the most recent quarter in the nationally-watched rematch of 2010’s election. Kuster raised $359,439 from July-September, while Bass booked $147,451. Kuster has rasied $719,597 campaign to date, and Bass has raised $594,731. Kuster has $590,735 cash on hand. Bass has $488,539 in the bank.

Kuster’s money includes $47,250 from PACs this quarter and $70,787 year to date (10% of all funds). Bass raised $80,000 from PACs and $436,250 year to date (73% of total funds).

First District incumbent Frank Guinta raised $138,904 in the most recent quarter. Year to date, Guinta has brought in $658,735 and has $506,670 cash on hand. Guinta took in $49,000 from PACs this quarter, and $312,625 year to date (47% of all funds).

Guinta also reports $335,500 in debts owed to himself, carried over from the 2010 campaign. In the second quarter, Guinta repaid himself $19,500 in loans but he did not repay any personal debts from campaign funds in this most recent quarter. The source of this loan has been subject to much speculation. Guinta has claimed the money came from personal funds in a bank account he admits he failed to disclose, but Guinta has refused to release bank statements that would prove the money came from legal sources. Were Guinta to repay the remaining balance on his loans, he would have $171,170 remaining.

Guinta’s challengers continue to struggle to raise competitive money. Former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter rasied $89,761 for the quarter, bringing her to $203,990 year to date with $115,532 cash on hand. Shea-Porter received $15,500 from PACs this quarter, and $34,000 campaign to date (17% of all funds).

Democrat Andrew Hosmer, filing his first report as a congressional candidate, raised $39,182 this quarter, $41,852 year to date, and has $16,565 cash on hand. $1,500 of that came from PACs.

Fellow challenger Joanne Dowdell raised $32,425 this quarter, bringing her to $127,574 year to date with $94,191 cash on hand. Dowdell listed just six itemized contributions from residents of New Hampshire, signaling a continue lack of grassroots support from people who can vote for her.

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fergus@ferguscullen.com, October 17, 2011

Author: Fergus Cullen

Fergus Cullen is a former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party (2007-2008) and an editorial page columnist for the New Hampshire Union Leader.

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