Kuster calls for more borrowing and spending, Republicans pounce

New Republican State Chairman Wayne MacDonald is wasting no time criticizing Democrats for supporting President Barack Obama’s policies, which to date have failed to create badly needed jobs.

“Ann McLane Kuster is looking to Washington, and specifically for the President tonight, to call for more spending on the same programs the stimulus package was supposed to go to. The stimulus didn’t work to rejuvenate our economy the first time. Another version under a different title will have the same failing effects, while piling up even more debt for our grandchildren to repay,” said MacDonald in press release issued prior to President Obama’s jobs speech before a joint session of Congress.

At issue is Kuster’s call for more Washington “investment” in so-called infrastructure such as roads and bridges. Much of President Obama’s first stimulus plan of $800 billion, which Kuster supported, was supposed to be dedicated to these kinds of “shovel ready” infrastructure programs. Unfortunately, the stimulus created far fewer jobs than originally promised.

Author: Staff Reporter

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