Kukoo Kuster strikes again: grabs mic from Bass in debate

Some things just can’t be made up.

Ever a model of discipline and self-restraint that the people of New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District would be proud to see in Washington, Annie Kuster is at it again.

Her latest antics came at the conclusion of a 45-minute forum discussion with Rep. Charlie Bass at the Jewish Men’s Club in Nashua. Concord Monitor has the details:

“At the annual Southern New Hampshire Jewish Men’s Club forum in Nashua on Sunday, Kuster grabbed the microphone Bass was holding as he delivered his closing statement.

‘You can’t just lie to people,’ Kuster said as she tried to wrangle the microphone from Bass, who said ‘wait a minute’ and held on.”

Given her past trouble with being caught on camera, Kuster’s campaign was smart enough to prohibit the event from being filmed. However, there is a laugh track. According to the Monitor, “the audience of roughly 75 people can be heard laughing at the exchange” in an audio recording of the debate.

Kuster’s campaign has dismissed the exchange as the candidate attempting to stop the spread of so-called “misleading information.” As shocking as it may be for a candidate for federal office to engage in this behavior, is anyone really surprised anymore?

Just over two weeks ago, NH Journal published footage of Kuster ripping a camera from the hands of a Charlie Bass staffer while cursing “F him.”

Hey, you’ve got to give it to her, at least she treats the Member of Congress with the same amount of contempt she shows for his staffers.

Author: Staff Reporter

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