Kimberly Morin: Will Gov. Hassan change state motto to ‘Live Fee or Tax?’

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It happens every two years – New Hampshire budgeting season. It’s like a long and drawn out soap opera that you never wanted to see but have no choice because that’s all that happens to be on television at the time. It’s like the train wreck you don’t want to look at but you have no choice as you drive by it.


When discussing the budget in town halls (no, Hassan did not give a town hall but the budget committees do), you will see slews of people with their hands out crying ‘gimme gimme more.’ These are the people who believe money grows on trees and seem to forget that any money that’s in the budget grows on the backs of taxpayers who work hard for their money.


Governor Hassan likes to increase the budget to ridiculous amounts and this year is no exception. Hassan’s budget increase is an egregious 6.5% over the last budget. In dollar mounts that is over $1 BILLION. How does the Democrat governor propose to pay for her ginormous increase – by increasing fees and taxes on the ‘little people’; In other words, on YOU Granite Staters.


Hassan doesn’t care that Obamacare has fouled your health insurance and you’re paying much higher premium increases and health care costs. Hassan doesn’t care that the cost of food and other necessities has risen over the past several years. Hassan doesn’t care that the majority of jobs being created in the Obamaconomy are low-paying jobs.


Sorry Granite Staters but Governor Hassan wants you to pay an increase in fees and taxes so that she can take your money and give it to others. How does that grab you?


Hassan is handing out raises to state employees; refuses to audit the biggest spenders of the budget at Health and Human Services and keeps raiding the millions of dollars in revenue taken in by the Department of Transportation. So much so that last week Republican Neal Kurk (Weare) wanted to yet again increase the gas tax by up to $.08. That was handily axed thanks to public input.


Remember, Republicans are increasing the budget as well only they are increasing it by 2.5% which is still unaffordable.


Some people actually claim we little people should just shut up and pay higher fees and taxes. It might not be a problem if we could actually trust Hassan to spend our money wisely but we already know she doesn’t. That and she allows that sham of a department at Health and Human Services continue to create false crises which result in lawsuits that the taxpayers are on the hook for.


So in a nutshell my fellow Granite Staters, when Governor Hassan claims the Republicans are making ‘draconian’ cuts to the budget, she’s not only lying but she’s hiding her ‘egregious’ budget increases that includes massive increases to taxes and fees.


Hassan may as well just change the state motto from ‘Live Free or Die’ to ‘Live Fee or Tax.’

(Kimberly Morin is the Manchester Political Buzz Examiner as well as the Political Buzz Anchor on Girard at Large. She is a self-described lifelong independent, policy researcher and conservative commentator who says that she doesn’t “shy away from asking tough questions and revealing the truth.”)

Author: Kimberly Morin

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