Kimberly Morin: Christmas and political correctness don’t mix

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I realize people celebrate or don’t celebrate the upcoming holidays the same way but I’m only focusing on Christmas in this op-ed because what I continue to see, and what many continue to deny, is a war on Christmas.


This war indeed stems from those intolerant loons (typically on the left) who don’t want anyone to dare celebrate something such as the birth of Christ or even Santa Claus because it somehow offends them. No one is pushing their beliefs onto them but no matter, their intolerance is at its highest level during the Christmas season.


From the offensive billboard comparing Santa Claus to Jesus as being a fairytale to someone being outraged that there is a – gasp — Christmas tree in The Nutcracker ballet!


Atheists are the number one group (not most of them just a tiny minority of hard core haters) to push THEIR beliefs onto others. They deplore nativity scenes being put up on government property and sue cities and towns to stop this horrific action. Even though they are continually told they are free to put a symbol representing their beliefs in the same area, that isn’t good enough.


A parent of an elementary school in Cambridge, MA (shocking I know) recently complained about Santa Claus making an appearance in the winter concert. For God’s sakes, Santa Claus, the jolly old soul who brings FREE presents to kids around the world regardless of their skin color, gender, class, gender identity or religious beliefs!


No one is demanding these people believe. No one is demanding these people participate. Those who do celebrate are simply asking to be left alone to enjoy the holidays as they see fit.


Time and again some intolerant person ruins the fun for everyone else. These are the true 1%ers in this country. The 1% that wants to kill a child’s belief that Santa Claus is coming to town or that baby Jesus was born. The 1% that hates Christmas trees and elves and would rather see Rudolph hunted for venison that playing with Clarice in a beloved television show.


Okay that last one probably isn’t true, these people are most likely the same people who can’t stand the 2nd Amendment as much as they can’t stand the 1st Amendment but they still hate Rudolph.


If someone celebrates something that I don’t celebrate, that is not only their right but who am I to judge what they choose to believe? Who am I to tell that person they have to stop believing? Who am I to force my beliefs onto someone else?


Frankly, if you don’t like nativity scenes, Santa or A Christmas Story, that’s your right but don’t try to stop the millions of people who enjoy these things to stop enjoying them. It’s not going to happen.


Christmas is a joyful celebration no matter how you celebrate or even if you don’t celebrate (hey you get a few days off for it regardless). Christmas and political correctness don’t mix and those intolerant naysayers should keep their personal misery to themselves.


Now if you’ll excuse me I need to put up the incredible nativity my Mother made when I was a child. We lost her far too early in our lives but it’s one of the memories that I cherish every Christmas when I put it on display. After that I’m going to add some more snow people around the house and write out some Christmas cards with photos of my bulldogs visiting Santy Paws on them.


Why, because in America, I can.


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy whatever you celebrate or don’t celebrate.


Have a safe and wonderful New Year. I’ll catch you in 2015!


(Kimberly Morin is the Manchester Political Buzz Examiner as well as the Political Buzz Anchor on Girard at Large. She is a self-described lifelong independent, policy researcher and conservative commentator who says that she doesn’t “shy away from asking tough questions and revealing the truth.”)



Author: Kimberly Morin

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