Kimberly Morin: Aren’t Democrat voters sick of being treated like they’re stupid?

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In case you missed it, videos of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber have gone viral. Gruber is on video arrogantly bragging that the Obama Administration had to deceive voters about Obamacare in order to pass it. Why? To Democrat leaders voters are “stupid.”


In reality, it’s not all voters or Americans who are stupid. Neither Republicans nor the majority of Americans wanted Obamacare nor believed the lies being told by the Obama Administration. As a matter of fact, many pointed out the lies during the debate but Democrats didn’t care.


We all know by now that Shaheen, Shea-Porter and Obama outright lied to voters by claiming we could keep our health plans if we liked them; we could keep our doctors and hospitals and the average family would save $2,500 a year on health premiums. All lies intentionally told to deceive voters. Why? To Democrat leaders voters are “stupid.”


Democrat voters are actually the people that Democrat leaders believe are stupid. They sold them lies about Obamacare (and usually pretty much everything else) and Democrat voters just push their talking points out without questioning them or doing a little research.


Obama and many Democrats like Nancy Pelosi even tried to distance themselves from Gruber yet the guy and his consulting firm made almost $6 million thanks to his involvement with Obamacare. During the battle to pass Obamacare, the Obama Administration actually pretended that Gruber was a 3rd party economist and touted what the man said about Obamacare. Yet the guy was actually working on crafting Obamacare!


Just yesterday the Chairman of the NH Democrat Party came out and claimed that newly elected Republican Speaker of the House Bill O’Brien denied women healthcare access. Yet another lie pushed to “Stupid Democrats” because the only party that has caused women to be denied healthcare is the Democrat Party thanks to Obamacare.


Granite State women lost the health insurance plans they liked; the doctors they could use and the hospitals they could visit. That is being denied healthcare access and Democrats are 100% responsible for it.


So why do Democrat voters continue to suffer this abuse? Do they really enjoy being treated as though they are stupid? It’s not just Democrat leaders who treat them as though they are stupid, all of the left wing “progressive” organizations do the same exact thing. Are Democrat voters really that stupid or are they just too lazy to do a little research? Or is it that they are afraid of learning the truth about the far left wing extreme policies that Democrats continue to shove down the throats of Americans?


Anyone who does a little research knows Democrats treat voters as though we are stupid – the faux “War on Women” is just one example and “Global Warming” is another. Yet Democrats fall for it over and over and they hurt themselves; their children and the rest of the country. Aren’t Democrat voters sick of being treated like they’re stupid?


(Kimberly Morin is the Manchester Political Buzz Examiner as well as the Political Buzz Anchor on Girard at Large. She is a self-described lifelong independent, policy researcher and conservative commentator who says that she doesn’t “shy away from asking tough questions and revealing the truth.”)


Author: Kimberly Morin

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